Rubber caps keep leftover food fresh for longer

    By Tom | Small Business

    Subscription services such as Pressed Juices are one way to ensure there’s always fresh food and drink in the kitchen, but they can be expensive for some households and don’t encourage the saving of excess food. Designed for half-eaten fruit and vegetables, Food Huggers use a rubber seal to keep goods fresh for longer.

    Home cooks who can’t face throwing away perfectly good food that didn’t end up in their meal often find their good intentions have gone to waste when the items don’t get used before they begin to spoil. Food Huggers can be placed onto a variety of fruit and vegetables when they’ve been cut into. Rather than leave the food’s flesh exposed, the caps are flexible and create an airtight seal around the unprotected part. The Food Huggers come in different sizes and – due to their elastic nature – each size overlaps with the size preceding it and they are able to fit a variety of shapes, including peppers and even avocados. The products are also brightly colored to allow users to quickly determine the right size for their food and also add a stylish touch.

    Having raised more than USD 180,000 on Kickstarter from an initial target of USD 26,000, the Food Huggers are still available to pre-order from the startup’s website at USD 19 for a set of four. Are there other ways to keep food fresh for longer, helping consumers save money and reduce food waste?


    Spotted by: Murray Orange

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