Site for roommates offers household goods by custom shared subscription

Good fences make good neighbors, as the old saying goes, but the solution for roommates isn’t quite so simple. Enter SpaceSplitter, a web application that helps roommates divide up everything from household chores to the cost of frequently used supplies.

Similar in some ways to PayDivvy, which we covered last year, New York-based SpaceSplitter offers a number of tools to help make roommates’ shared life easier. Perhaps most notable is its OurList feature, which focuses on helping roommates buy and share the expense of household supplies through a service that lets them purchase items by custom subscription for recurring delivery. Now in beta, OurList lets roommates select items for purchase this way by browsing SpaceSplitter’s online store, searching for items they use regularly, or starting with a pre-selected recommended list. Either way, all roommates’ bank accounts get connected for secure and easy payments reflecting the portion they plan to use. Also available from SpaceSplitter are roommate agreements, a ChoreSplitter tool for dividing up household tasks, and a dedicated section of resources for Resident Advisors. Coming soon is Group Pay, a feature for splitting bills and expenses.

More than 60,000 products are now available in SpaceSplitter’s store; the company’s monetization plans include affiliate revenue from partners including Soap and Target, according to a TechCrunch report. One to partner with or emulate in your neck of the space-sharing woods?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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