Robot scales and inspects highrise building structure, offering images in real time

As the death toll of the recent tragic factory collapse in Bangladesh continues to rise, the importance of regular checks on structural stability has become more obvious than ever. However, this is a task made difficult when multi-storey buildings are involved. FTD Highrise Inspection’s SAM is a robotic system that speedily and safely checks tall structures for integrity and delivers images in real time.

The device is mounted on the roof of a building and – using wires – can ‘crawl’ up and down the side taking images automatically with its built in camera. Rather than hoisting workers at height on a harness or positioned in an elevated cart, which can be dangerous, SAM can be left to capture every aspect of the building to ensure owners have complete coverage – something that humans can’t do so easily. The robot system can also cover an entire seven-storey building in two days, compared to two weeks for manual workers, according to the company. All of the robot’s findings can be accessed in real time through users’ online accounts. The platform offers information about the location and date of each image to keep them on top of maintenance jobs, whether they’re new or outstanding.

While SAM could be used to ensure that leaks, graffiti and superficial damage are dealt with, it could have more serious applications in monitoring the structural integrity of large buildings. How else can building security be made more safe, accurate and cost-effective?


Spotted by: Lily Dixon

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