Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon for Effective Speaking

Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon for Effective Speaking image 108365 illadvised 300x199Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon for Effective SpeakingWhat makes you a strong speaker? If your mind went blank then you need to read on because you are going to learn all about strength-based speaking.

Yep, I totally stole this idea from strenght-based leadership. Where you a leader identify the strengths of the people around you and then assign responsibilities based on those strengths.

I firmly believe in sttrength-based speaking – where you identify your strengths as a speaker then play to those strengths during a presentation.

What’s your speaking super power?

You have unique strengths as a speaker that make you stand out. You might hold up Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama as excellent speakers and they are – no question! However, they are speakers who know and understand their abilities. Plus, you shouldn’t compare yourself to other speakers anyway!

Richard Branson’s secret to great speeches

Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon for Effective Speaking image sir richard branson 300x200Richard Branson’s Secret Weapon for Effective Speaking

Did you know that business genius and innovator, Sir Richard Branson has a huge fear of public speaking? The affable billionaire who seems not to mind stepping into the spotlight – doesn’t like giving speeches. In an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, he admitted to anxiety about public speaking and that he does not like giving structured presentation. Bad-ass Richard Branson – doesn’t like speaking.

You know what he loves? Having a conversation. Interacting with the audience. He loves the spontaneity around question and answer sessions. He never knows what is going to be asked, but he does love the conversation.

When he is asked to speak, he does prepare a few remarks, but then structures the time around Q&A. He plays to his strength and the audience loves him for his approachability and his willingness to answer questions. Little do they know, he is just avoiding his anxiety.

3 questions to ask to identify your strengths

What are your strengths as a speaker? If you say none, I’m going to stop by your house and drag it out of you. No matter where you are on your speaking journey – you do have strengths!

It might be your ability to explain complex ideas, organize material, tell a story, or smile freely at the audience. When speaking, you want to build from your strengths. You need to get to know yourself as a speaker.

Let’s start this process by answering a few questions below.

  1. List what you like about your delivery style (think broad – eye contact, gestures, vocal variety etc.)
  2. What do you feel most confident about in the content you present?
  3. Homework: Ask people who have seen you speak – your manager, business partner, audience members – anyone you feel comfortable asking – email them and find out what they see as your strengths.

When you know where you excel as a speaker – you can build confidence by playing to your strengths. Speaking becomes more fun for you, and you become more engaging to your audience.

What’s your biggest strength as a speaker? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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