In Rhode Island, stageshows are free for livetweeters

We recently wrote about CineMode, the app that rewards cinemagoers for placing their phones onto silent mode. Now encouraging customers to actively use their phones during plays, the Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island has launched its Tweet Seat offer, which waives theater ticket costs for those willing to livetweet the experience.

The Tweet Seats consist of two rows located at the back of each theater, which can be reserved free of charge for customers who agree to tweet their thoughts about the play or musical along with a PPAC-related hashtag. Those taking part in the scheme must agree to be discreet with their phones. During the break – known as a Twittermission – the actors will take time to respond to some of the comments and questions being posted on Twitter during the first half. The tweets are also projected in the theater lobby.

The scheme hopes to attract a younger crowd to the theater, as well as make the experience more interactive for those who find it hard to switch their phone off for the duration of a play. Whether it will be a success is yet to be seen, but are there other industries that could try this out?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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