Revealed: Is Twitter Advertising of Any Value to a Business or is it a Waste of Money?

    By Peter Geisheker | Small Business

    Revealed: Is Twitter Advertising of Any Value to a Business or is it a Waste of Money? image twitter logoRevealed: Is Twitter Advertising of Any Value to a Business or is it a Waste of Money …Like most social media sites, Twitter offers advertising. Businesses and individuals alike have the option to promote their tweets or accounts with certain campaigns. Both are on the expensive side but they have the potential to gain you a large audience.

    Here is the breakdown for both types of Twitter advertising and the potential value they can bring to your business.

    Promotional tweet advertising through Twitter
    Twitter has a promotional campaign that either searches through your most engaging tweets, or you choose the tweet you want yourself. Once you choose a tweet, Twitter will put it on the frontline of your followers’ pages. Instead of a simple tweet in their feed, they have your tweet as a headline for the entire page.

    Why is this valuable? Features on Twitters tweet campaign allow you to target your tweets locally. If you are a small business you can choose who will see your tweet so your money isn’t wasted. If your company is national or Internet based you can target your tweets to make sure they are seen by everyone. This gets you more exposure, and if you have a deal going on or are trying to move a product quickly, you can get the message out fast and efficiently.

    Account Promotion
    In addition to tweet promotion, Twitter also allows businesses to promote their account to gain more followers. It is kind of the lazy way out but it does work. If you want more followers then you might consider this type of advertising. It works because Twitter will put your account as a ‘who to follow’ suggestion to people who you wish to target. If you want to put the heat on people in your general location you can choose this as an option. Twitter charges your card whenever a new follower is gained, so as you can imagine this could get quite expensive if it does what you want it to.

    Is it worth it?
    The bottom line is that Twitter advertising does work, but for a pretty penny. If you are completely strapped on time and need to get quality advertising to a targeted audience then yes, feel confident in using Twitter’s promotional campaigns. However, if you are a new business, or just want to expand your following a little bit, then no, Twitter promo might not be right for you. If you have the time to work on expanding your followers yourself then do it. Otherwise, you will end up spending a good deal of money on something that you could have easily done for free.

    Co-written by Peter Geisheker and Alanna Monical
    The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm

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