Retro-styled physical cards help users share their online content

Only those who have been around a while will remember the old analog cassette tape that so faithfully enabled friends to share their musical favorites all those many years ago, but Sharetapes aims to offer a modern version of the same experience. The Australian company now offers retro-styled physical cards that can be used to share playlists or other content from numerous media sites.

Users who want to share their music or other media begin by buying a package of five blank Sharetapes from the company site; pricing is AUD 6.99. Next, they can use their favorite platforms such as Spotify, YouTube or 8tracks to create personalized playlists, which can easily be saved onto one of those cards. Users can then share their “tapes” with friends by smartphone – recipients simply tap with NFC or scan the sharetape using any QR code reader app – or via the Sharetapes site.

Besides helping friends share their music, Sharetapes can also be used as demo tapes for bands, to enable designers or artists to link to an online portfolio, or for marketing and fundraising purposes, the company notes. Media-minded entrepreneurs: one to get in on?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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