Retain Women – Retrain Brains

It’s no secret that guys and gals lead differently. Less evident though is how to garner more female leader IQ.Retain Women – Retrain Brains image 273450 h ergb s gl e1379529010428 300x178Retain Women – Retrain Brains

Research affirms that guy-gal brains differ even during rest. We also see how teams with more women offer higher IQ. So why does upper management often include men only? A better question perhaps, how can we retain gifted women leaders?

10 tips to higher leadership IQ

1. Invent new runways rather than criticize old ruts. No question, it takes female facilitation skills to help mesh together gender differences. When asked to cultivate more innovation at work, one manager claimed that diversity causes chaos. Others though, describe a boost in creative opportunities when females take the helm.

2. Inspire wisdom for blended views. From boardrooms, to halls of government, to higher education, women tend to use and lead language processing skills in ways that motivate more symmetric activation across brain hemispheres. It might be as easy as articulating an organizational policy or as complex as preventing a price war.

3. Mentor for mutual benefits. It’s no wonder women leaders provide exchanges that bring brains together for reciprocal exchanges. They tend to mentor more in a mind-guiding fashion so that all teach and all learn in ways that ramp up talents from vets and start-ups. Men traditionally dominate fields of math, science, and engineering for instance. Yet imagine a better balance as women leaders guide multiple intelligences into the mentoring mix.

4. Integrate hard and soft skills. This will solve problems that draw on both sides of the brain. Successful leaders craft insights with their emotional intelligence, and also add logical action plans for mind-bending results. When both genders pull together hard and soft skills become smart skill tools to perk up brain chemistry through raised serotonin.

5. Collaborate for cross-gender solutions. Women hold the lion’s share of higher education degrees since 1982, yet women do less well on standardized tests used for college entrance and graduate school requirements. Imagine universities that attract more men to fill gender gaps and remove test bias for female access.

6. Shift training from delivery to interactive. Men often outperform women in tasks that call upon activation of the visual cortex areas. Yet, through consistent interaction, women tend to hook complex facts onto people’s familiar experiences, so that more learning occurs in less time. They might stoke people’s talents, for instance, rather than deliver talks that tend to work against the brain’s working memory.

7. Act on new discoveries. Hebbian workers wire their brains to kill incentives, limit focus or even shrink mental capacity with sameness, such as males only in top leader positions. Plasticity enables people of all ages and backgrounds to rewire the human brain by acting on new insights. Dendrite brain cells use the outside world and take shape, or grow based on actions such as supporting women leaders at the top.

8. Listen with your brain. See how women emulate logical nuances from men they respect. In similar ways, watch men navigate conflicts after observing women’s intrapersonal or emotional intelligence in action. New research shows hunches that power both men and women’s brains, mental triggers that save lives through fast decisions and skilled action.

9. Capitalize on research. Men and women lead differently, partly because hormones play a large part in cognitive operations. When people change their genders, for instance, their cognitive patterns also change. And new high-tech scientific study shows we can learn from marked differences between men and women under stress.

10. Risk differences. Then expect new solutions to old problems. Brain imaging techniques show that even when men and women perform the same tasks equally well, they draw on different parts of the brain to do so. Let’s risk leadership that includes as many women as men as our starting ground.

How could these leader tips – taken from facts about the human brain add more women into the mix, and ramp up innovative leadership for a new era?

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