4 Ways to Make Newswire Distribution Work for You

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You’ve created your latest piece of content, added a photo or video, placed it on your website or blog, and shared it via your social media channels. Now what?

If you want your content to reach beyond the people who already know your brand and are consistently visiting your site, it’s time to explore other promotion channels like newswire distribution.

Adding another channel to a marketing campaign can always be a bit overwhelming. And if distributing content across a newswire is new to you, you may not know where to start. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the world of distribution so that you get the results you desire.

Know WHY you’re creating and promoting content.

If you asked 100 different people the purpose of their content strategy, you’d likely get 100 different answers: brand awareness, earned media, driving traffic to a website, increased investment, thought leadership, even just following company protocol.

Identifying your “why” will help you and your newswire partner determine the best distribution channels for sharing your content.

For example, someone who wants to maximize the potential of earned media may be surprised to learn that journalists don’t just receive content through one channel, but may subscribe to many, including social media, email lists, RSS feeds, Google alerts, internal news portals, etc., and may prefer to receive different kinds of content through different methods.

Knowing why you are promoting your content also helps set expectations for how you will determine success. If your goal is to drive people back to your site, then success will be determined by an increase in website traffic, as opposed to the number of likes or volume of impressions you get on social media.

Know WHAT you’re distributing.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure your content is well written, includes multimedia, and has some kind of hook that would intrigue, entertain or inform your audience.

From material news for public companies to content marketing and thought leadership, the quality of what you’re promoting is one of the greatest factors for achieving success.

Consumers and journalists alike face a plethora of content options, so yours has to stand out from the crowd.

Not sure what that should look like? As Danielle Capriato writes in 5 (Not So) Secret Perks of Using a Newswire Service, your distribution partner can counsel you on other aspects of your marketing strategy outside of distribution.

Know WHERE you’re distributing it.

We regularly hear from customers wanting to know how many recipients are included within a distribution. However, there are times that it’s more beneficial to focus on the quality of the distribution’s recipients versus the quantity.

Although numbers can make a difference – especially when comparing a network with ten recipients against one with ten thousand – reaching the right people is going to be more effective at helping you reach your goal.

If you’re a fitness company and your goal is to reach and gain coverage from a specific magazine that you think fits in well with your audience, you should know whether the distribution company you are considering can reach that magazine and with which distribution options.

You also want to make sure that you are distributing your content to a healthy mix of niche and general interest recipients.

The value of distributing content to what might be considered “general sites” – including national newspapers and non-industry focused blogs — lies in the potential for other journalists and consumers who may be interested in the topic to see your content.

For instance, a reporter may cover finance for the New York Times, but write about solar news for another site. Keep your mind – and distribution options – open to someone who may have feeds set up for multiple topics they cover.

Know WHEN you’re promoting it.

Once you’ve captured your audience’s attention with your initial piece of content, don’t stop there. People who are excited about your content want to know there’s more like it out there or coming soon.

Even a semi-steady stream of content is preferable to the occasional press release.

Scheduling multiple promotions for your content will help you reinforce your message and appeal to current and new audiences’ needs over time.

Promoting your content doesn’t have to be complicated, as market intelligence company MarketResearch.com demonstrates in our latest case study: MarketResearch.com: A Content Distribution Case Study.

The case study covers how they worked with PR Newswire’s Customer Content Services team to craft a multi-release campaign that drove thousands of click-throughs to product pages, hundreds of engagement actions, and 260% more website traffic than all other paid marketing sources combined.

Plan ahead, consider your distribution options, and you’ll be well on your way to meeting your content goals.

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