Yahoo Small Business attends Small Business Expo, Los Angeles

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(Los Angeles, California  – October 30, 2019)

Yahoo Small Business had a great time attending the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles, California.  For the first time Yahoo Small Business was able to talk to business owners about the new products that have come out this year: website design services and Business Maker.  These products, as well as existing products, have all been made to help small businesses start and grow. What stood out that makes Los Angeles different than other areas was it’s deep roots in the entertainment industry.  There were a lot of businesses ranging from actors/producers, movie/TV, design, costume design, to dancing and performer businesses. What all these great companies had in common was that Yahoo Small Business had products and services that could make their businesses better.  The newest offering that was debuted at the event, was the Yahoo Small Business Mobile Point of Sale (POS). As a part of Business Maker, the Yahoo POS app was a great compliment for companies that had outdated payment systems or were in the market for a new one. For more information on how these products can help your business grow, or when we will be in a town near you, visit our site or give us a call at 1-866-781-9246.