How to Write an Effective Cold-Call Letter

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How to Write an Effective Cold Call Letter image cold call letterHow to Write an Effective Cold Call Letter

Can’t find job opportunities? or the job positions you find available are in companies in which you’re not interested to work with? Well if that’s the situation, you can use a cold-call letter (or cold contact cover letter). This type of cover letter is used to send accompanying your resume to companies that don’t have job openings.

As there’s not a job opening, your cold-call letter must be more than impressive, it should show a real interest and explain the reasons why you send the letter identifying the most relevant skills and experiences.

Writing an effective cold-call letter is not a waste of time, you must know that about 80% of jobs are not advertised, so there’s a hidden job market in which you can look for your dreamed job.

Why do cold calling

  • Cold-call letters are usually used for small business, because they don’t advertise job opportunities to cut costs because the process of recruiting is expensive.
  • It’s also useful because some companies keep an active list of people who have cold called and will ring them if a job becomes vacant.
  • Employers will be impressed with people who take the initiative by cold calling.

How to write an effective Cold-call Letter

    1. Before you send a cold call letter, it’s important to make a research about the company, so as much as you know about the company, the better you can tailor the letter to focus on the company’s needs.
    2. Include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and website, if you have one, at the top of your letter, all your contact information must be correct, it’s a way to introduce yourself.
    3. Remember that you must open your letter with a proper salutation, if you include the name of the person it’ll show your interest more than greeting using his/her title, like: Dear Hiring Manager.

4. You must be sure that you’re going to send your letter to the correct person, because it’s not like when you have the information when the job is advertised, your research must include finding the person responsible for hiring.

  1. The most difficult part of writing this cover letter is the first sentence, remember that the letter will probably be read by someone who does not know anything about you, so you can introduce yourself in the same way you would introduce yourself to a total stranger, be sure to include items that highlight your qualifications and experience.
  2. Mention how you where referred to the company, if there are no connections you can make one by saying that you belong to the same professional association or any other related field.
  3. As you did some research on the company, you can tailor your skills and achievements to match company needs, if you know what qualifications is looking the company in the employers, you must focus on them.
  4. It’s important to list relevant information on past job experiences, not as in your resume, you can see some examples for doing this without boring the person that will read your letter in cover letter templates.
  5. In every part of the letter you must appeal to the organization by demonstrating your interest for example mentioning recent news, developments or changes you know about them.
  6. The closing part is as important as the introduction of the letter, in this section you must call for action by inviting them to contact you with any questions or if they are interested in additional information. This is why it’s so important to give them correct contact information.

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