Work-From-Home Franchises You Can Start Today

5 min read · 7 months ago


How do you get started with a work-from-home franchise? Here are the fundamentals of choosing the right home-based franchise and a list of some of the best options available right now.


With an economic recession underway and job instability rising, many people are searching for viable solutions that will see them through the pandemic. One of the best options for entrepreneurs right now is to explore a business franchise that operates online.


There are many extraordinary benefits of investing in a franchise model that can be run from home. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity that gives you a flexible schedule and doesn’t limit your income potential—then these are the businesses that you should be reviewing. 


Here are the reasons why an online franchise is a good bet, along with a list of six of these best franchises available for entrepreneurs to invest in. Pick one and start earning!


Why a Home-Based Business Franchise?


COVID-19 has proved that a lot of people can successfully work from home. More than that, it can even be beneficial in times of crisis—like the one we’re still living with today. A home-based business never has to shut down because it operates online.


You can run it in your spare time to supplement your income or run it as a full-time business. There’s no commute to work, the hours are flexible, and the tax breaks are good. You can see how this would appeal to so many, especially in the wake of all these shutdowns during the pandemic.


There’s just one problem—starting a business is risky, and there is no guarantee it will succeed. What if your business model doesn’t work? What if you invest in the wrong things?  What if you didn’t do your market research correctly and there are no customers?

A shortcut to success is to invest in an existing business franchise!


A franchise is a ready-made business model with proven processes, proprietary knowledge, and existing trademarks that you can license from the creator. 


  • Many are extremely affordable
  • They have established brand names and credibility
  • They have a proven customer base with models that work
  • They come with a support base and training
  • They come with exactly how to replicate the existing success


Traditionally, you might think of large franchises such as Subway or Pizzahut. The reality is that they span every niche and come in all shapes and sizes. For the COVID-19 era, there is no safer bet than starting a home-based business franchise!


This model is low-risk, affordable, and can be run from behind a laptop screen at home. All you need to do is choose the right franchise and invest in creating a high-traffic business website. Strategic web design will help with marketing and take care of customer acquisition for you.


Many of these franchises will drastically lower your market, financial, team, and product risk—plus they eliminate the risk of being caught without income during another lockdown. 


Choosing a Home Franchise


Different franchises are available depending on your interests, strengths, and budget. Here’s how to choose one that suits you. 



  • Your budget, running costs, website setup costs, and on-going marketing
  • How much time you have to invest
  • The return you would like to have and how soon you could achieve it
  • The niche industry that would work best locally or internationally
  • Whether you will offer products or services for sale


During COVID-19, the best home-based models won’t require offices and will either be fully online or a hybrid of in-person visits coupled with online marketing and sales. Here are some of the best franchise models to invest in during a pandemic. 


#1: Pillar To Post Home Inspectors


Pillar To Post is a home inspection company that offers a business franchise option. Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked it as one of the best franchises in America right now. 

In 2018, they reported that the average franchisee earns gross revenue of $216,057 per year. You can invest in the franchise for as little as $38,950, and it’s a sound option for entrepreneurs who are interested in working in the property niche. 



#2: SuperGlass Windshield Repair


SuperGlass Windshield Repair is an established global brand that offers windshield repair, scratch removal, and headlight restoration in the automotive repairs niche. This brand focuses on glass repairs only and has a lucrative franchise model for investors.

This is an easy way to join an established brand, get the training that you need, and start earning from your own business right away. Business growth can stay small if you like, or you can scale according to how many clients you secure from your website queries



Sanitation specialists cleaning an office in full hazmat suits

#3: Stratus Building Solutions


Stratus Building Solutions is a hot janitorial franchise that gives you work-from-home flexibility. Since COVID-19 struck in March, the demand for cleaning services has been off the charts. Take advantage of the increase in demand with your own janitorial franchise.

Start with as little as $1000 and work your way to financial independence. You get guaranteed customer accounts, training, equipment,  and materials—and a large network.   



#4: Mosquito Squad


Mosquito Squad is a safe, solid franchise option for entrepreneurs interested in the pest control niche. Rated as a top franchise by Inc. Magazine, this brand is a leader in ridding people of their mosquito problems.

The initial investment is between $65,800 and $86,925, and it covers tools, training, equipment, inventory, and initial marketing too. Your website design and on-going marketing may have to be covered separately.



#5: Property Management Inc


Property Management Inc is another excellent work-from-home franchise in the property niche. This brand focuses on managing properties across the commercial, residential, association, and vacation sectors. It’s on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of fastest-growing franchises. 

Investment ranges between $21,250 and $106,800. There is an application process and a minimum net worth requirement. This brand likes to call itself recession-resistant, so it won’t experience the downturn as other companies will. 



#6: Soccer Shots


Soccer Shots offers franchisees a home-based franchise that focuses on a soccer coaching curriculum for kids. The proven model is lucrative for franchise owners, and it has relatively low start-up fees.

It costs approximately $34,500 for the license, with a total investment of between $41,034 and $55,100. A top first-year owner can bring in $282,313 in revenue for the business. 



These are six work-from-home franchises you can start setting up today. They’re safe to invest in during the global pandemic, and with low-risk business models, you stand to earn more, sooner than starting a company from scratch. 


All you need is a “done-for-you” business website that suits your chosen franchise. This will be the hub for customer acquisition and will help you launch into your new market. 


With a strong work-from-home franchise and a brand-new website, you’ll be perfectly positioned to focus on what really matters—earning the best possible income you can!