7 Apps You Need For A Better Workday

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With the trends of a growing mobile workforce and the increase of BYOD (bring your own device), there’s no doubt that apps now play a significant role within the workday. A study conducted by Flurry showed that Americans now spend over 162 minutes per day on their phones- with 86% of that time being spent on apps. This means that people are now spending 28 days a year solely using apps on their phones.

So how can we make sure that when we check our phones at work it will increase productivity, rather than reduce it? Using certain apps at work can increase your productivity, organization and make your overall day much easier. Try moving Instagram, Snapchat, Dubsmash, Trivia Crack- or whatever your vice is- to a folder, and move these apps to your home page instead:

1. Waze


If you commute to and from work or go to meetings by car, then this app is a necessity. Waze shares real-time traffic information and live road alerts to help you bypass traffic, save time, and gas money throughout your commute. Basically, it helps you get where you need to go in the fastest and most efficient way possible. If you connect it to Facebook, you can arrange pickups or get live ETA’s of friends and colleagues arriving to an event or shared destination.

2. Evernote


Evernote is a note taking, archiving, and collaboration powerhouse app. It is sort of like a highly virtualized file cabinet and is an extremely efficient way to take and store notes. This app syncs your notes and files across all devices, so you can access it whether you are on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

3. Twitter


This one is a given. The Twitter app is great for staying up to date on industry trends, local news, or company updates. Use Twitter during the workday to share the latest office action, an interesting article, or to checkout your company and client’s latest tweets.

4. Pocket


When you find something you want to view later, such as an article or video, save it to Pocket. You can save directly from your browser or from apps such as Twitter and Flipboard. Pocket is perfect to use when you come across something interesting and relevant to your work, but don’t have the time to check it out at that moment. Use it to store this info, and then catch up on everything during lunch or on your way home from work.

5. Trello

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Trello is great app for project management that is easy to use and very efficient. You can use the app to collaborate on projects and to coordinate with your team. Use Trello to manage tasks, create checklists, give comments and updates to coworkers, or to upload relevant files. If you and your team give it a try, this app may become an important part of your workday.

6. GrubHub & JustEat


GrubHub (available in the US) and Just Eat (available in Canada & the UK) are both amazing apps that help you to get food from your favourite lunch places more quickly and conveniently. Make your workday easier by using these apps to pre-order, pre-pay, and then pickup your favourite meals or have them directly delivered to your office.

7. 1Password


This app is a life saver. Chances are, you login to many applications everyday, or maybe even sign up for new applications everyday. Keeping track of usernames and passwords becomes exhausting, but 1Password provides a simple and convenient security solution. This app can be used to store logins, credit cards, identities, and secure notes- and even logs you into websites without having to remember any of them.

8. Nudge Rewards


This one’s a bonus- when used at your company, Nudge Rewards becomes an essential part of your workday. Powered by push notifications, the Nudge app is designed to keep you connected, to drive engagement, and help you be a more effective contributor to your team. As a user of Nudge, you will be able to stay informed on need-to-know company information and have the chance to earn points and win exciting rewards.

Do you have any other apps that you like to use during your workday? Let us know in the comments!

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