8 Features Your Media or IR Room Needs Right Now

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When people seek official news about your company or organization, a media or investor relations room is often an important stop on their journey.

Your company website is probably fairly static — the content doesn’t update or change too often, with perhaps the exception of your blog. A room, or microsite, dedicated to hosting recent press releases, financial information, and other key details about your company is an important piece of a communications strategy when it comes to keeping your audiences up-to-date about your brand.

According to Chris Antoline, Director of Customer Engagement at PR Newswire and subject matter expert on media rooms, companies should make automation their top priority when choosing a media or IR room vendor.

“Companies should allow their online newsrooms and/or IR websites to work on their behalf by, at the very least, automating the posting of their releases from the wire and delivering automated and timely email notifications to key audiences,” said Chris. “Automation is the cornerstone of a well-kept communications-focused website.”

This newsroom automation ensures your press releases simultaneously hit all disclosure points needed for compliance. It not only saves time, but also keeps human error out of the equation, for a seamless overall distribution process. (For more on the importance of IR room automation, read Bradley H. Smith’s post on our Shareholder Compliance blog.)

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So what else does a media room need to be truly successful? Here are 8 essential features to include in your media room strategy:

1. Matched Branding: Even if you are outsourcing your room, it should look like it is YOUR room—not like it’s owned by your vendor. Choose a customizable solution that allows you to control the look and feel of the room to align it with your brand’s main website. Design-matching is great for user experience.

2. Responsive Design: It goes without saying that all content on the Web today should be optimized for all platforms. If your website design isn’t responsive, your room won’t be—nor should it, as that would create an inconsistent user experience. All is not lost! Ask your vendor if your content is optimized for mobile, even if you don’t have a responsive design. (Don’t know if your site is responsive? Test its mobile friendliness.)

3. Multimedia, Multimedia, Multimedia: No story is complete without compelling visuals, so use multimedia content every chance you get–from the room’s homepage banner image and digital press kits to multimedia galleries with high resolution downloads and streaming videos.

4. Social Media Integration: Adding social bookmarking or sharing tools to your room will help users share your content across popular networks, increasing the online visibility and reach of your message. You can also include social media aggregators to display content from your own social media accounts right on your room. IR rooms also benefit from StockTwits or SlideShare integration. Pulling your activity from these platforms directly into your IR room gives visitors a complete view of your company.

5. Reporting and Analytics: Prove ROI with key site statistics, such as pageviews, unique visits, geographic location of your audience, and the devices users are coming from. Incorporate IP tracking and use those metrics to target investors toward a position. IP tracking data can identify institutions, banks, funds and major media, making it easy to facilitate follow-up meetings, validate communication outreach and further substantiate investor relations efforts.

6. Crisis Management: Real-time access to update your media room allows you to stay on top of a crisis scenario, keeping your content on message when it matters. Some rooms come equipped with a crisis feature that can be enabled when needed. When the moment passes, deactivate the feature to revert back to your full room.

7. Password Protection for Sensitive and Embargoed Content: Want to make certain information available to select users? Creating a password protected portion allows you to further control who can access non-public or embargoed content. This way, certain members of the media can access your content as they’re planning their stories about your brand.

8. Interactive Financial Displays: If your company is publicly traded, you should showcase key financial information for easy access and analysis by all audiences. Incorporate a dynamic share price display that includes your stock quote, an interactive chart, or an investment calculator. These tools will make your room a valuable resource for anyone researching your company.

There are many things a media or IR room can do for your company, and these are just a few features that will make yours successful.

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