When Locally Targeted Marketing Makes Sense

When Locally Targeted Marketing Makes Sense
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Even though it’s called the World Wide Web, online marketing
absolutely can be conducted on a local basis. In fact, there are a number of
situations when locally targeted marketing makes sense, even for national
brands. What’s more, marketing using local listings also conserves capital, even while maximizing your
potential for success.

Building Local Brand Awareness

Different regions of the country are unique in a number of ways. This
makes marketing specifically to them easier and more effective. Catering to the
particular needs of customers in these areas can give those shoppers reason to
identify with your brand. In addition to enhancing brand awareness, promoting
local deals leads to more engagement.

to Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention

Employing local listings will enable you to speak specifically to your
target audience in a given location. This is particularly true for mobile advertising,
in which you can craft your messages to appeal to an individual based upon the
location in which they happen to be searching. This helps previous customers
find you more readily, enabling you to more readily keep them in the fold.

More Bang From a Small Budget

In this case, a granular focus can produce greater efficiency. In
other words, training your budget on a smaller area can have more impact than
trying to make the same dollars deliver significant results over a larger
region. In fact, wasted impressions often result from broader targeting. Going
smaller can actually improve your performance, which, in turn, amplifies your

In-store Performance

Ironically, thanks to the rise of mobile computing, shoppers are using
hand-held devices to locate brick and mortar locations. In fact, according to a
Nielsen study,
the most popular methods of brand interaction
via mobile device hinge on location. Some 50 percent of mobile users use their
devices to find the location of a retailer. Another 39 percent call the
business and 48 percent use smartphones to get maps and driving directions.
Taking advantage of local listings with this in mind will attract more
customers to your physical store.

into a New Market

When you’re entering a market for the first time, you have to create
an initial splash. Locally targeted marketing makes this much easier to do, as
you can build your campaigns around the exact characteristics of the local
customer’s mindset. Yes, this means you’ll have to take some time to get to know your ideal
in any given area. But once you do, personalizing
your messages in local listings has the potential to render them considerably
more appealing.

Locally targeted marketing absolutely makes
sense in these five scenarios. They are also when Yahoo Small Business local
listings make it a lot easier for your business to be discovered online. Try them today!