How To Write Concise and Compelling Social Media Content

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When it comes to your social media efforts for your business, it is very important that you understand how critical social media is to your marketing efforts and how those efforts will impact your business’s success. Of course, most likely, you are an extremely busy person and there are so many things on any given day (and any given week) that are above your social media efforts on your priority list.

Keeping up with your social media efforts

There are several different types of content that you can share and that will serve to really attract the attention of your online connections. The first (and perhaps, easiest) way to begin is by posing a thought-provoking question that will not only get people thinking but that will compel them to want to share their two cents. That is exactly how wonderful, valuable discussions begin and that type of discussion may be turn out to be an amazing launching off point. Of course, it is probably obvious to you that your question must really carry a lot of weight. It must be a really effective question that gets the other person thinking and feeling. Your question should be short and to the point. At the same time, it should also be truly compelling and insightful.

Share some of who you are

Each person has a story to tell and you may not believe it but your story will be very interesting to many other people. Try not to sell yourself (or your story) short. With that in mind, you should choose a topic that you feel is really going to grab the attention of the other person. Whether you realize it or not, you happen to have something really big in common. You are both human beings, which means that you both react emotionally. That doesn’t mean that you overreact emotionally. It only means that you have feelings that are touched when you hear another human being’s story. That is a good thing! If you are genuine and sincere, the other person will know it and will react to what you are sharing. On the other hand, if you are not genuine or sincere, the other person will know that too. Just be yourself and choose a topic that you are passionate about. You will see how well it works.

Use Frequently Asked Questions as a content tool

The concept of FAQs is an excellent tool that will get other people online to pay attention to you and your business. You will establish an automatic connection with the other person because there is no doubt that that other person has thought of at least some of the questions that you are presenting. That will establish an automatic bond right there and then. Within this particular tool, you can also include helpful tips and tricks. Your online connections will appreciate it and there is no doubt that they will find the information valuable.

Express your appreciation to other people

It is very important to remember that you are not in a silo. Your business would not be successful without other people. If not for those other people (as well as people who interact with you and buy from you in the future), where would you and your business be? The answer is, “nowhere.” You need them to survive. If you think about it in that way, you should understand how important it is to acknowledge the important role that the other people play. You need to let them know and you need to acknowledge them to other people as well. One hand truly does wash the other. It is all part of building solid relationships with other people. The more you think of the other person and less about yourself, the stronger and more enduring your relationship with that person will be. It is so worth the effort that you are going to make.

Write about emerging trends

People love to read about trends and it will help your business if you can identify those trends that are appropriate for what you are doing. There is always that possibility that the other person is not aware of a particular trend yet that trend might help the other person’s business a great deal. It is your responsibility to inform the other person as much as you can. Tell them everything that you know about that particular thing. If the information is interesting enough, your online connections will tell their people and you will get credit as the source of the information. Everyone wins!

Use an insightful quote as a launching off point

Quotations are wonderful and so versatile. There are so many around and you will inevitably find some that will fit your story like a glove. Hopefully, you won’t have to work too hard to find the perfect quotation and then you can share an interesting discussion that relates to that quotation. Other people will find it fascinating. The more inspiring you are to the other people, the more excited they will be about the topic and the more interested they will be to continue to interact with you and before you know it, they will hardly be able to contain their excitement when it comes to your future content.


There are so many topics about which you can write and as long as you choose the appropriate target audience and your content is presented well, you will be golden. Your online connections will be more than happy to interact with you and to offer you the benefit of their knowledge and expertise. Make sure that your writing is clear, concise, and meaningful at the same time. Once you have created content that will captivate other people online, you can enjoy all of the positive feelings that it will invoke.

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