What Your Email Address Says About Your Business

2 minute read

Is it right to base assumptions about people upon the way they dress? Can you really get insights into the personality of an individual based on the car they own? Whatever your feelings, your industry will make certain suppositions about you based upon your business email address.

What do we mean? Well, here’s what your email address says about your business.

There’s Shame in Your Game

Yes, there are plenty of free email hosts out there. And if you haphazardly adapt one of them to your business needs, you risk embarrassing yourself. If you didn’t think enough of about the potential of your business to invest in your own domain name, why should customers think enough of you to entrust you with their project? Further, the domain that you choose for your business can reveal quite a bit about your style and professionalism when it comes to the digital realm.

You Don’t Understand Simple Is Memorable

Let’s say your name is Frankie, you’re running an online bookstore, and your email address is FrankiesBookstore@AOL.com. Using that address, you’re asking people to remember unnecessary information that isn’t even part of your brand. Meanwhile, Frankie@FrankiesBooks.com or Sales@FrankiesBooks.com are far more memorable, tell everybody you own the business and says you’re adept with digital technology.

You’ll Be a Shill to Get a Free Deal

Every time you share a generic email address, your marketing dollars are being used to spread the name of another company. One, by the way, that is highly unlikely to be returning the favor. It’s a pretty safe bet that the provider of free email isn’t spreading the name of Frankie’s Books everywhere it’s seen. But you’re certainly doing that for them. When you have your own email domain, every time you give someone your email address, you’re promoting your business. If you’re looking at the cost of acquiring one as a superfluous expense, it’s time you rethought that position.

You Recognize The Key Benefit of Ownership

If you go with a generic provider, you’re going to have a hard time getting the exact prefixes you want. Let’s say you want something simple like Frankie@YourGenricDomainChoice.com. It’s a safe bet that it’s already taken.

When you own the domain, you determine which prefixes get used and how. You want Frankie@FrankiesBooks? It’s yours. You can also get Returns@FrankiesBooks, Customer Service@FrankiesBooks and any other thing you might think of.

When you own the domain, you make the rules!

You’re in Control

Ultimately, your email address says a lot about your business; how serious you are about it and whether you really want to be in control of your destiny. Are you willing to take definitive steps to own your brand, or are you going to leave something this important to chance?

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