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With so many of our friends, families and small business customers already struggling to cope with the COVID 19 crisis, it would be easy to say that we don’t have the bandwidth to take on one more challenge. But watching events unfold this week in Minneapolis, and then across the nation, it’s apparent that we must take a stand, raise our hands and declare that we stand against racial injustice.


Racism and bias is a difficult topic to discuss. That said, as a person of color who is a leader of a diverse group of people serving an even more diverse community and resilient small business owners around the world, we need to address this issue and take a stand.


An essential element of our mission has always been empowering and assisting people in launching small businesses to create better lives for themselves and their families, while also creating stronger communities. And this commitment is independent of considerations like race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. The sole qualifier is the desire to follow a dream and the willingness to work towards that success. 


We are committed to the philosophy that diversity makes all of us stronger. And we believe that together, this strength will allow us to address racial inequality and provide real solutions that benefit our communities and our nation.