Want to Recharge Your Small Business During Lockdown? Turn to Freelance Marketplaces

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While weathering the current storm, it’s important to recognize the opportunity for profitability once the global lockdown is over and the economy reopens. Experts predict once the economy does reopen, it will rebound quickly with a fast upswing. To take advantage of the rebound, small business owners must prepare now to be best positioned.


Joining a freelance marketplace, like Moonlighting, to prepare for this resurgence may not be an obvious choice for a small business. After all, you’re past the side hustle or freelance stage of entrepreneurship. But during these unprecedented times, there are many reasons to look to the unexpected for new ways to increase productivity and exposure to new business opportunities.

Increase Productivity and Position Your Small Business for Post-Pandemic Success


Companies should be thinking about their business and talent needs not only for today, but also for when this crisis has passed. And thinking creatively. 

Get Work Done Now

While many of our nation’s small businesses are facing an unprecedented economic disruption due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, thinking and hiring creatively can breathe life into your business, allowing you to make improvements and build for success later.


Using a freelance marketplace, you can:

  • Source strategy consultants to revise and crisis-proof your business plan
  • Hire freelance finance experts to plan cash flows and cut burn
  • Hire digital experts to reach customers and aid in business continuity
  • Complete one-off projects now, and build your go-to team of talent for later 


If your doors are closed, now is the perfect time to hire freelancers to:

  • Complete renovations while shops and restaurants are shut down
  • If you can afford it, now is the perfect time to do maintenance and other projects you’ve been putting off
  • Hire downsizing specialists to clear out expired or old goods
  • Organize your space


Freelancers can also keep your business agile and your costs down. Instead of going with an out-of-the-box solution for online ordering and delivery, get creative and build your own workforce that doesn’t take such a high cut of your profits—apps like Grubhub and UberEats are still taking 30 percent commission fees per order—by hiring local talent:

  • Web designers to build an ecommerce website
  • Avoid the big shipping companies’ high rates and delayed delivery deadlines by hiring drivers to deliver your products locally
  • Hire social media managers and email marketers to keep your customers posted on your current status and any updates
  • And source cleaning services to stay safe and maintain high health standards


Diversify Demand for Your Business and Customer Reach


The coronavirus crisis has forced far too many brick-and-mortar businesses to close. As businesses fight for survival during these difficult times, freelance marketplaces can be an unlikely source of aid for diversifying your services and expanding your customer reach.


These new revenue sources can help keep your doors open during hard times and help you thrive during the good.

Online Selling

While your core business may involve patronizing a physical locale, consider what products and services you could offer online via a freelance marketplace. For example:

  • Gyms can monetize virtual home-based training plans
  • Hairdressers are getting paid good money to show people how to cut their own hair at home via video tutorials (dog groomers can look to do the same)
  • Landscapers can teach people how to plant and maintain a garden
  • Retailers can turn into virtual stylists

Pick Up Smaller Jobs

As a small business owner, you may not consider picking up a side hustle but diversifying income sources is particularly important in times of economic downturn. When your business’ primary income stream is uncertain, having several alternative ways to earn money can provide a sense of confidence.


Alternatively, marketplaces can help business owners fill gaps in employee paychecks. Advertise your business and source small jobs that you can help your employees fill on behalf of your company. This can not only help your bottom line but also can improve employee retention to keep the talent you’ll need when the economy does reopen. 

Source New Customers

Every small business owner wants to attract new customers. Generate interest—and new customers—by promoting your business on freelance marketplaces. Participating in an active marketplace can expose your brand to a new audience and if the marketplace indexes business profiles to Google, then you’ll be even more visible to those searching for the services and goods you offer. 


Don’t forget to add online reviews from customers to your business profile. Social proof is powerful, and new customers are more likely to give your business a try if they see others praising it.


The best way to get started is by taking action. 

Find a freelance marketplace that works for you, or join many to find the right fit and interest for your business. Moonlighting is one of the fastest-growing freelance marketplaces, empowering people to create and build their own business, earn extra money and hire talented professionals quickly and affordably. Freelancers, consultants, contractors, and small businesses can hire or be hired without paying commission fees for work done and post unlimited jobs for free during the current COVID-19 crisis. 


Join Moonlighting today and recharge your small business during lockdown and beyond!