A Visual History of Preposterous Medicine

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There’s a fun story that my Father likes to tell at family “get-togethers” about him being stuck alone watching the kids one evening when my mother was out for well-deserved night with the girls.

My father (like most men of the early 80′s) was a “light – domestic” to say the very least, and being saddled with a four year old girl (my sister) and colicky 8 month old boy (me) is the proverbial “fish out of water” scenario that good family antidotes (or any great story for that matter) are born from.

The story goes that after several hours of fruitless placating of a wailing baby (me) and attending to a needy four year old dead set and determined to get her father to play dress up with her (my sister) my father was reminded of something his mother had told him about his upbringing that involved a crying baby (him) a thimbleful of scotch, and a subsequent long lasting peace as a result of introducing the two opposing elements.

I can only assume that after hours of frustration, curiosity got the best of my poor dad and he decided to give his mother’s home remedy for a screaming infant a shot. Long story short, the baby (me) consumed the small amount of alcohol diluted in apple juice, followed by an almost instant change in the baby’s (my) disposition to that of one of absolute serenity, leaving my Father free to play with my sister while I slumbered in his arms until my Mother came home, hopefully (for my Father’s sake) oblivious to the fact that her 8 month old son now smelled faint of Canadian whiskey.

Now, anyone of you out there now looking down upon my Dad for giving a baby hard alcohol… well you’re not wrong, it’s kinda messed up. But give the guy a break! History and LEARNED Doctors of the medical profession have done far worse to far more people with far more dangerous stuff than my dad ever did. As the below infographic from genealogy search engine Mocavo shows, Doctors of the early 19th century had been known to prescribe some seriously ill advised treatments for common maladies.

A Visual History of Preposterous Medicine image 3051A Visual History of Preposterous Medicine

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