Firing & Hiring: Game of Thrones Style

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Valar Morghulis: Firing & Hiring, Thrones style.

In all companies, particularly in startups, teams don’t always agree. There will be complicated elements within your staff  There will be those who will resist the higher ideal, who will try and steer you away from your vision and, of course, there will be those who are just out to get you. It’s all about survival. Sometimes these people just need to go, so maybe it’s time to do some firing, how do we put this delicately, ‘Game of Thrones’ style.


The Ned Stark

Afraid that one of your employees knows more than they should? Don’t quite trust the company they keep? It’s time to Ned Stark them. Ned Stark’s execution tells us that even the most noble and loyal employee can fall victim to people drunk with power and paranoia. Being innocent and virtuous will not save you- it’s time to end this.

The Oberyn Martell

Bad mouthing the big boss? Not afraid to voice those opinions? Prepare to pay the ultimate price. When management gets too overbearing, when micromanagement creeps in, or when the higher ideals aren’t quite agreed with- people will revolt and brave warriors will appear as if from nowhere. May their firing be less horrific than that of our brave warrior Oberyn.

The Viserys Targaryen

Remember Viserys Targaryen? No? Well no one really does as he’s no longer with us. The poor guy got molten gold poured over his head for getting too greedy and perhaps, more importantly, for threatening his sister- the mother of dragons and future Queen. Take note employees everywhere- don’t try and take something you do not yet deserve. Never make threats, particularly about unborn projects. Don’t invite the firing squad!

The Rob Stark

Were you also left speechless after season 3’s ‘Red Wedding’? We were traumatized. After a heavy load of thinking and over analyzing- we had an epiphany. Surely Rob’s ‘ultimate dismissal’ (oh, and the slaughtering of his mother and pregnant wife) could have been avoided by simply keeping his promise to marry Walder Frey’s daughter? Right? Thought so. Keeping promises can be essential in business. Breaking them can create enemies among partners and employees. Want to fire based on broken promises? Stay away from weddings.

The Mance Rayder

After the Wilding’s defeat of Castle Black, Mance- leader of the Free Folk, was captured and forced to surrender- or be burnt at the stake. This charismatic, calm and determined leader opted to die rather than give up and undermine the very essence of his people. This relates to any workplace. These ‘Mances’ are everywhere- they will keep a calm and level head, they will cherish their core values and will not budge, even when forced. They are worth hiring and are most definitely ‘keepers’, but sometimes, opinions grow too far apart, so burning at the stake might also be necessary.

The Joffrey Baratheon

How we miss King Joffrey. Say what you will about this ridiculous child leader, but he kept us shockingly entertained week after week. It’s probably not the best idea to take hiring and firing tips from this child tyrant but lessons can most certainly be learnt. When you’re constantly fighting conflicting ideas, when  people start leaving your company in droves, when things start to go wrongit could be time, as leader, to self-evaluate before it’s too late. If you don’t, be on your toes- your firing time is coming.

The Hound

Fighting over project ownership can have grave consequences. Things can turn ugly pretty darn quickly when you won’t relinquish ownership, or create some kind of compromise in the name of the greater good. It could be a piece of your writing with someone else’s name stuck on it. It could be something that was your idea but was executed by someone else. It could even be the capture of Arya Stark. If you don’t play ball, the next execution could be yours.

The Ygritte

Trust is vital in any business dynamic. If there is no trust, then there is no chance. This was the ultimate price that brave warrior Ygritte had to pay. Her roots and allegiance were admirably grounded with the Free Folk, but things got complicated when she fell in love with Jon Snow – for the sake of creating a great blog post, let’s call him a business rival. See what happens when romance and trust start to conflict? Ultimate termination.

The Tywin Lannister

Mixing family and business could either offer great rewards or create feuds which could last centuries. Just ask Tywin Lannister, oh wait, you can’t, he’s dead. He was shot with a crossbow… by his very own son. Firing your own family (even your father in this instance) is tough, yet also micromanagement to the n’th degree can also be detrimental to your company’s health. Want the CEO gone? Avoid the crossbow.

The Lysa Arryn

Jealousy gets you nowhere in business. If Lysa Arryn, the Lady Regent of the Val, were alive she’d high five me right about now. Sadly she’s not – she was pushed through the Moon Door and fell quite dramatically to a freefalling death.  Why? Because she tried to kill Sansa Stark out of jealousy. Jealous employees can prove extremely difficult to work with, but then again so can jealous managers. Jealousy leads to mistrust, and without trust there can be no love or productive growth. In this case firing might be necessary, but maybe with a little less drama and a lot less screaming.

We believe the best way to deal with any hiring or firing is with a healthy dose of communication – it can effortlessly prevent unnecessary dismissals. Avoid the crossbows, Moon Doors, repeated stabbings, we beg you! Our advice? Before cleaning house, always think carefully before creating any Red Wedding invitations.

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