How to Improve Website Conversions Using Visitor Replays

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Understanding how users interact with your website will help you understand how to improve it. Visitor replay tools let you watch real website users interacting with your website. Browser recording allows you to see how long people spend on your website, where they move their mouse, and even what they click on.

1) To establish why your website doesn’t convert enough people; watch visitor replays. They will show you how real customers interact with and use your website, and in turn, you can improve it. The tools allow you to: browse user journeys, track user’s mouse movement and clicks, and see how long they spend on a webpage. You can see how effective website items such as menus are in ensuring customers navigate easily through your website. You might discover people aren’t clicking the links in one of your drop down lists. Reducing the number of items in the list could increase your conversion. If you neglect visitor replays, you can only base your conclusions on guesses.

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2) Segmentation features help show key areas to improve. Have you ever wondered why you get more newsletter sign ups on desktops as opposed to tablet users? Segmentation features allow you to filter types of users and compare them against the rest. Through this, you will be able to optimise your site in accordance with different groups.

3) Visitor replay tools help you identify bugs and glitches. More often than not, when a user encounters a glitch or a bug on a website, they leave to seek out the information from elsewhere. You might discover everyone is leaving your website after clicking the “contact us” button. This could mean people are trying to contact you but, for some reason, are unable to. Watching visitor replays could show a broken link or glitch on your site. Using visitor replay tools to fix such problems; you can ensure it doesn’t happen to your other users.

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4) Combining visitor replay tools with other visual analytics tools can enhance your websites performance.
Combining tools will help you understand your customers behaviour and improve your site usability. Consider tools such as heatmaps, which are a useful visual analytics tool enabling you to see where users have clicked. In short, the greater amount of people who click on an area, the larger the dot becomes.

If you would like to see how visitor replays can improve your website conversion,watch this demo .

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