Rudimentary Elements To Getting The Best Trade Show Support

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Trade shows have more than their share of problems, but after some research you’ll notice that, regardless of the hassle successful companies continue using them as a sales tool. Those companies have a formula for success that ensures smooth operations before, during and after a trade show. For them a trade show isn’t only an advertising medium, it’s an opportunity.

Simply Put, Your sales team needs trade show training


  • 91% aren’t sure how to handle a visitor saying, “I’ll be back.”
  • 84% aren’t sure how to entice buyers into the booth, and …
  • 88% don’t know what to do when the booth is flooded with too many buyers.

Those are sales problems. Your sales team needs to know how to separate the players from the attendees; one way is to ask about his/her role in the company. That way, you can separate the buyers from the visitors and even determine if the person is competitor. (Yes, your competition will visit your booth at least once.)

What’s important to trade show success? Everything.


There’s no profit in micro-managing a trade show. If you want to make a sales impact using a trade show venue, then focus your energy on the day-of strategy. Let a professional management company that is experienced in providing the best trade show support in the industry handle the details. Your trade show management company will provide assistance in every area imaginable or just the specific areas you need, including:

  • Exhibit planning, design, and optimal spacing of your booth
  • Information to support traffic flow and crowd control at your booth’s location. Your booth should be interactive, well lit, and if space permits, include a conference area. There should be pens, paper, water and trashcans available amongst numerous other items that the best trade show support management companies can suggest.
  • Electrical expertise, union and labor law management, shipping companies, facilities workers and dealing with onsite professional coordinators.
  • “Survival kits” for your sales team
  • Additional personnel, serving as your team’s go-fers and troubleshooters during the trade show.

All That Other Stuff…

WhatNotToDoAtTradeshowsAs you research, you’ll discover the best trade show support companies can also offer sales training and tips for your staff to help get them exited and more confident about working the trade show.  These tips may be anything from what kind of shoes to wear, the advantage of standing vs. sitting, eye contact, voice, and/or direct sales leading questions.

There are events management companies out there, so do your homework. You want customization that adapts to what you need, when you need it from the best trade show support staff possible.

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