Top 5 Third-Person Shooter Games Of All Time (Infographic)

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As far as my memory serves, my tryst with video games started almost two decades back with the first-generation gaming consoles. Now that was the time when the Mario brothers and the Contra soldiers were causing humungous waves in the ocean. These were the days I’ll always cherish dearly, and it was a happy time indeed. But things got better and better with every passing year, with game developers implementing features that were never thought possible.

From the gaming consoles to the intricate plot details of the games, everything went for massive improvements. Rising from the 2D-generation gaming arrived the first-person and third-person video games and we could (literally) hardly focus on anything else.

Coming to a very personal standpoint, I have always preferred playing third-person shooter games to first-person shooter games. No disrespect to some extremely popular series in the first-person format, but getting to see the entire body of a playable character makes me feel more at ease. Moreover, I believe that third-person shooter games have better scope of making us enjoy new and exciting features (for example, ‘Bullet Time’ feature of the Max Payne series) than first-person shooter games.

So, here is the list of the top 5 third-person shooter games which are not only the highest rated in the market but also my personal favorites.

Note: Please accept my apologies if you do not find your picks on the list.

Top 5 Third Person Shooter Games Of All Time (Infographic) image Top Third Person Shooter GamesTop 5 Third Person Shooter Games Of All Time (Infographic)

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