In Tokyo, stand enables tourists to take smartphone selfies

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We’ve already seen the Great Wolf Lodge offer guests RFID bands that enable them to upload photos taken at special kiosks directly to their own Facebook profiles. Now Sunpole has created a stand designed to hold smartphones or tablets while tourists pose for a selfie.

According to PSFK, the stands have been placed in scenic spots around the city of Fujisawa. The stands include a platform that is able to rotate 360 degrees so users can choose the direction they want their photograph to be taken. Tourists can then place their smartphone or tablet – as well as regular digital cameras – in the available slots, which keep them upright and level. Photographer John Spyal, who runs the Tokyo Camera Style blog and discovered the innovation, says that the stand helps tourists take photos by themselves without having to bother others enjoying the view. At the same time fellow tourists don’t have to worry about the quality of the photo they take if they are asked.

While such a simple idea obviously has applications around the world, it’s little touches like this that boost a country’s reputation as a tourist friendly nation, potentially increasing revenue. Are there other ways to better accommodate foreign visitors?