Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Domain Finder

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Indispensable to the process of securing a good name for your online presence, getting the most out of a domain finder is simply a matter of applying a bit of planning, research and creativity. Key to establishing authority and credibility, reinforcing your brand identity and promoting your business, the right domain name can absolutely make your business. However, finding a good one that’s not already taken can be a bit of a challenge.

These tips will help you get the most out of a domain finder.


Think Creatively

At the last count, there were well in excess of one billion websites registered. This makes the odds of getting your first domain name choice with a .com pretty slim. While this extension remains the most desirable, there is now a wide array of new, more descriptive top-level domains (TLDs) available. If you exercise a degree of imagination, you can get the name you want—with a different extension. If yours is a blog site, try going with .blog. If you have a small restaurant, consider using .cafe. You can find a list of the currently available TLDs at a site maintained by ICANN
(International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)


Keep it Logical

If you can communicate your domain name verbally without having to spell it out, you’ve got a good one. So basically, you’ll want to avoid using deliberate misspellings or slang. And yes, we know there are all sorts of trendy domain names out there breaking this rule, but they also have huge marketing and advertising budgets to ensure the world knows who they are. If you do too, more power to you. But your road will still be easier to travel if you resist the temptation.


Keep it simple

Long, complex domain names invite confusion. Do you really want to type 26 characters into a web browser just to find a nice pair of shoes, when does it in 10? You also want to make sure the name you choose is easy to pronounce. People tend to have difficulty recalling words they don’t quite know how to say. Even if they’ll never speak your domain name aloud, making it easy to pronounce in their minds also makes it “sticky” for their brains. Another advantage of simplicity is it will usually be easier to spell. This makes users more likely to find you.


These three tips for getting the most out of a domain finder will help you come up with a name likely to resonate with your customers while describing your business perfectly. The domain finder at Yahoo Small Business is easy to use, fast and you can conduct searches free of charge. Try it today!


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