Tips For Buying Used Mobile Phones

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It is usually risky to buy used cell phones because apart from the risk of buying a bad or faulty phone, you may also end up buying a stolen phone without knowing it. However, buying a used cell phone is the only option for some people who need to upgrade their mobile phones but are not able to afford the latest technology gadgets. When buying a used phone, it is important to exercise care and make sure it is a good bargain, otherwise, you are better off saving up for a new phone.

Here are a few tips you may find useful in guiding you when you want to purchase a used cell phone.

1.      Buy from a known source: It is always smarter to buy from friends and family or people you know. This is always better and safer because the risk of cheating you is reduced to the barest minimum, and you would also be able to return the cell phone easily if at the end of the day, you discover that the phone is faulty or not functioning properly. If you have to buy from the open market, ensure that you buy from a reputable dealer with a good return policy.

2.      Ask Questions: Do not just accept all you have been told or read when the phone was being advertised to you. Make sure you ask questions about the device you are buying. Why is the owner selling it? Would you need to make any repairs? What is the current physical state of the phone? All these questions would give you an idea about the device you are buying.

3.      Buy from reputable online sites: If you are considering buying used mobile phones online, make sure you go for sites with good reputation and 100% customer reviews. Look out for customer reviews on the website and place a call to the seller to further verify genuineness of the sale.

4.      Warranty: It is always advisable to buy a used cell phone with a valid warranty. This would help to protect you as you can claim your warranty if the phone develops a fault later.

Avoid buying phones without their box: Buying a used cell phone without its box may mean that you are buying a stolen cell phone, so make sure you ask for the original packaging of the phone and make sure that the IMEI number of the phone matches the one on the box.

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