How to Be the Time Lord of Social Media: Mobile Apps

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Recently, I talked about ways to be the Time Lord of social media. Well, I say “recently” but for those who have a Tardis you could have yet to have read it, especially if you’re in London in How to Be the Time Lord of Social Media: Mobile Apps image photo2photothe 1800’s. One things for sure, the Doctor has always carried his sonic screwdriver with him. It’s helped him on many adventures, just like the apps on your phone help you with your social media adventures. That’s what we’re covering today, or tomorrow (this time travel business is wibbley wobbley stuff). With that said, let’s get into more details about using the apps on your phone to help you.

Here are my favorite apps to use and how to use them (did I mention they are all free too?)

Bufferapp: Bufferapp will help you with all your scheduling needs. You can even set custom times and days for your posts to go out. Whether it’s on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or even Google+. Just remember that it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out on your social sites throughout the day and reply to people in real time (if possible). Automation is helpful, but you don’t want to come off as an uncaring Dalek.

Feedly: For most people Feedly has replaced Google reader. It’s very simple to use. Just add the websites you check daily, and then they’ll appear on your dash. You can scroll through a mix of them or you can click on a specific blog you want to check out. This app is wonderful because it has Bufferapp integrated in it, which means you can schedule things on your social sites right from Feedly. For those who don’t have all of time and space, this app will really help.

IFTTT: This app reminds me a lot of newton’s law:“For every action there is an equal or greater reaction.” With IFTTT you can create what they call “recipes” that will cause a reaction for each action you take. For example: I have a recipe set up for our Instagram account, so that whenever I post a new picture on Instagram it will automatically send it out from our Twitter account too, but as a standard image, so our audience can view it directly from Twitter. You can link just about all of your social accounts to IFTTT too. Just be careful not to create any paradoxes with your actions.

Bitly: Bitly is an app you’ll want to use if you want to track how many clicks you’re getting on your posts and what social sites they are coming from. Simply enter the URL to whichever post you want to track and Bitly will create a link for you. You can create custom links too, but it’ll cost you some money. After you’ve created your link your post will show up on your dashboard and you can check the stats from there or get into more details by clicking the stats button above your dash. The only downfall to this is that you have to share that specific link that Bitly created for you. So make sure your companions are on board with this one.

What are some other apps you use that help you with social media management? Post them in the comments below!

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