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mobilegeddon is here

This is the week in which ‘mobilegeddon’ finally arrived. Such was the excitement/trepidation about this update that mobilegeddon was a trending topic on Twitter on and off throughout the week. To quote Moz: how far did the sky fall? It’s hard to tell at the moment – confounded by the idea that this could be another gradual rollout, taking days or maybe weeks. So watch this space and continue to work on improving your mobile usability report in Google Webmaster Tools & of course your mobile site speed.

Whilst we’re on Google algorithms, we’ve had confirmation that the ‘doorway algorithm’ has indeed launched (via Search Engine Roundtable). This algorithm is designed to weed out multiple thin pages designed to funnel a visitor to a given destination, rather than offer value as part of the site experience overall. This is to target people who, through one domain or many, are trying to artificially increase their organic footprint.

Search Engine Land examines the re-opening of the Twitter ‘firehose’ for Google, looking at what potential factors Google might care about in Twitter. In other words – how can we as online marketers take advantage of what Google will see of our Twitter activity? It’s an interesting read, covering the factors of trend strength, tweet engagement, use influence & link strength. Ultimately, keep adding value as you were hopefully doing before – but now there’s another important set of eyes on your activity!

Over on Search Engine Watch the idea of sending products to reviewers for links is under examination. It’s a potentially dangerous game to play – it’s against the rules to do this just to get follow links. As they say in the article, don’t fool yourself into thinking you want an expert’s feedback if you wouldn’t have sent it to someone who only uses nofollow links in their reviews. Excellent advice.

That’s it for this week – what’s caught your eye in search lately? Let us know in the comments.

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