Local SEO For Small Business: Is the ROI Worth the Billing?

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There is no doubt that marketing your business on the internet can help you attract new customers and clients, but how can you tell if it is worth the return on your investment? How do you gauge the overall success of your local SEO campaign and measure the effectiveness of an SEO service provider? You may be surprised to find that there are several ways and very specific indicators to help you better determine if your local SEO campaign is worth the return on investment.

Paying for online advertising can prove to be very expensive, depending on the marketing methods that are used. Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click advertising can bring in a substantial amount of traffic, but it is only a short term tactic that drives traffic to your business. PPC advertising will cost as much money as you can throw at it and will typically be an ongoing expense. If your business is fairly new or just starting to develop an online presence, SEM does serve a purpose in building immediate traffic, but does not provide any long term solutions.

Search engine optimization is the most cost effective solution and will have a much higher ROI. It provides long term benefits and continual traffic, yet it takes more time to establish and get ranked among search engines. Some of these time consuming tasks should be outsourced to industry professionals, as the rules of the game change constantly. Hiring an SEO company will also ensure that your website does not have any potentially negative characteristics that can hurt your rank.

Performance Reports
A good SEO service provider will keep you in the loop as to how much new business and revenue is being generated. Performance reports can be used to compare increases in sales, traffic, inquiries and conversion rates. Bringing in more traffic to your business is important, but converting those leads into sales is the ultimate goal. Having a good knowledge of your past performance and what your sales looked like before implementing a local SEO campaign will help you determine whether your efforts are successful or not. A thorough analysis of your traffic should be included, which can help you hone in on audiences that are more likely to convert into sales. Tracking all of your consumer data allows you to not only achieve better results, but it can also help you lower customer acquisition costs by constantly refining your marketing plan.
Cost vs. Benefits
The benefits of paying for local SEO campaigns typically outweigh the costs, regardless of the business model. Just as every business is unique, so are the specific internet marketing tactics that will be used. What may work for one company, may not for others in the same industry. It is always a good idea to hire an SEO company, as many lack the technical expertise that is required or knowledge of best practices. They can offer valuable insights and fine tune your marketing strategies to realize the maximum benefits.If you are considering on spending money towards a local SEO campaign, you will definitely get positive results. Tracking your success and measuring the overall ROI can be easily done through close monitoring of your traffic. Analyzing the performance of your local marketing can be achieved by paying close attention to certain indicators such as the number of new inquiries, phone calls and organic traffic to your business. It may take a little time to build momentum in your local campaign, but like so many others, you’ll soon realize it’s worth it!

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