What Causes Occupational Injuries?

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There are many reasons why workplace injuries can and do occur, resulting in millions in lost work time, Disability insurance, and Workers’ Compensation claims every year. An occupational injury may occur due to injury from unsafe working conditions, failure of machinery or equipment, repetitive body stress, and operator error. These types of accidents are usually brought on by misuse or abuse of policies and procedures as well as other unexpected incidents. An occupational injury may involve one or more employees or a combination of workers and other external individuals.

When Occupational Injuries Happen

While a vast majority of documented occupational injuries do occur on the employer’s property, it’s important to note that an occupational injury does not have to occur at the individual’s place of employment. For example, according to OSHA rules, an employee traveling on business time for a specific business purpose and engaging in business activities may also qualify under an occupational injury.

Additionally, the injury may be sustained during an accident or through regular use of the body. For example, if an employee sustains carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive motion ailments, the company’s worker’ compensation insurance, which is designed to protect the company from liability in such incidents, may apply. An employee may face loss of time at work, work restrictions, or long-term repercussions from the incident.

In many workplaces, there has been a rise in awareness of ergonomics and workplace safety programs that help to cut down on the number and severity of occupational injuries. By educating employees about the safe use of equipment, proper work station use, and the use of protective equipment and common sense, your organization may be able to reduce occupational injuries significantly.

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