Amazing Benefits Of Instagram For Your Business | Part 1

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The uniqueness of Instagram is that it focuses on images, videos and sense of closeness images and videos provide. This makes them a great tool to use for visual marketing. You can instantly post images with your mobile device and share them with your followers to promote your products and services.

Here is part 1 of our list of some of the amazing benefits your business or brand might enjoy with an active and engaging Instagram presence:

1) Easy-To-Use: Instagram allows you to create awesome images that you can also use on other social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and other social media platform are optimized for images; that’s how images are displayed on these platforms, so you can directly share from Instagram.

2) Instagram is mobile: Instagram merges two great forces that are essential in social marketing strategies: mobile and photo sharing. This can give unique value to your brand.

3) Visual storytelling: Instagram has more artistic value than other social media platforms. You can use a brand moment that will be more impactful than text. With Instagram, you can communicate visually with your audience, followers and fans.

4) Build trust: Personal images humanize your brand and allow you to be more reachable. Instagram allows you to put a face to your brand, and this will help to build consumers’ confidence in your business.

It also provides you with a way to build a positive online user experiences and generate leads for repeat customers. Instagram is a great way to share your business experience in an informal and casual way. You can also include behind the scenes and employee images to give a personal touch to your business.

5) Drive more traffic: Yes, you can drive more traffic to your business with Instagram. When you upload an image to Instagram, be sure that you list your website in your profile and that you add your website URL in description. You can use hashtags, calls to action in post comments, and share your content on other social media platforms to generate more traffic to your website. You can also include amazing content that will encourage your audience to visit your website.

6) Free exposure: With other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, you have advertisement buying options according to your goals. But with Instagram you do not have to buy anything. Instagram is completely free, and it will help you to create a great online presence.

*Side Note: Instagram’s benefits increase exponentially when you are not the only one out there sharing your photos and spreading your brand messaging. Working with influencers on Instagram is a great way to massively increase your exposure and generate some amazing results! 

Have you experienced success in spreading your message and generating buzz on Instagram? We’d love to hear about it!

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series next week.

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