3 Sales Content Tips for 2015

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3 Sales Enablement Improvements for 2015

The new year is always a good time to look back at your successes and missed opportunities from the previous year. What 2014 goals did you reach? What could’ve gone better? Looking back allows you to plan your strategy for 2015. For Sales and Marketing leaders, analyze where you’ve lost revenue because of poor sales enablement and see if there are ways to do it better in 2015. In order to get you started, we’ve uncovered 3 key areas of improvement for sales content in 2015.

Think customer-first

Although putting your customer central is common sense, a lot of sales and marketing leaders fail to do so. It’s good to think about the entire process from start to finish. So, before starting your sales conversation, try to uncover a bit of insight from your interactions with customers. Being more responsive to the customer’s needs guides them faster down the funnel. As an example, one of our customers was able to schedule 5 extra visits per salesperson per week. That’s because the sales rep was able to respond faster to the customer’s situation. In short, being customer-centric is beneficial for both the customer and the sales rep. Learn more about how to do this in our two part blog post.

Give your middle-of-the-funnel content some attention

Many marketers implemented content marketing strategies for the first time in 2014. How will your content strategy change in 2015? Consider expanding your content to different parts of the funnel. While a lot of marketers use content to attract and educate leads early stage, they lack content for the later stages of the funnel. As a marketer, don’t forget to support your sales team with the content they need to have remarkable sales conversations that guides deals faster down the funnel at every step in the process. In 2015, make it your goal to focus your content on the later stages of the funnel.

Add sales training to your sales enablement strategy

A good VP of Sales coaches his team to grow his business. When looking at your sales performance dashboards in your CRM, you only know who’s performing well and who struggles to close the deal. This won’t help you uncover the secret sauce to sales success.

That’s why combining your sales training with sales enablement is crucial. Take a look at what sales enablement content your best performer is using. Analyze when and how they use that content. Next, use this new insight to train the your whole team and turn them into better closers.

If you’d like to use mobile devices to excel at these key sales enablement areas for 2015, we’ve created an ebook for you called “Successful Mobile Sales Enablement Pilots”, which will help you during the process.

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