The Essential Start-Up Guide: Pivoting to Online Business

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What is the best online business to start? This article series explores a number of essential business models that will help you create on-going sales on the internet. From work-from-home models to disruption-proof franchises and online courses that sell – it helps you pick your next online venture.

Coronavirus showed the world how valuable digital commerce can be in times of crisis. The Wall Street Journal reported on the widening divide between traditional business and online models. Companies with a firm online foothold won big, while others struggled to make ends meet.

Experts have declared that without e-commerce, Main Street will not survive the pandemic or instances like it in the future. Whether you’re pivoting your business into the online space, or you’re starting from scratch – you need to be aware of all of your options before you begin.

COVID-19 has proven that digital business is essential.

This series shines a light on some of the best online business ideas to invest in today. There’s never been a better time to choose an easy start-up business model to launch on the internet. These options will orientate you on what is possible – pick which links to follow and click on them below.


Find out:


These 27 minutes could change your future forever. Read these articles to unlock new insights about the most cutting-edge online business models. Become fully orientated on which start-up idea appeals to you the most, and will work best with your business concept. Let’s get you selling online. 


Man creating an ecourse about carpentry

How to Create a Popular E-course

The pandemic forced a lot of people to switch to online learning. With a 520% increase in course enrolments on popular eLearning platform Coursera, there’s an opportunity in online education. More people are ready and willing to learn on the internet. Selling e-courses is good business right now.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • How to convert what you know into an e-course
  • How to avoid the most common industry mistake
  • How to create your entire course in 5 days
  • How to choose, validate and differentiate your model
  • How to create your amazing lessons
  • How to set up a website and learning management system (LMS)
  • How to upload your content and prepare your promos
  • How to market your course (and how often)


If you’re an expert and want to teach others what you know, then creating e-courses is a great option for a source of income in the current climate. Learn to launch your first course in a matter of days.  

Learn more about How to Create a Popular Online Course and Launch in 5 Days, when you delve into this explanatory article. This could be the beginning of your transformation into a successful digital edupreneur.  


How to Start a Dropshipping Company

Starting an online business is easier when you don’t have to ship, or even handle, the products you sell. You can just focus on the front-end of selling – the fun part – and build your empire from there. This process is called dropshipping, and it’s perfect for online entrepreneurs.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • What dropshipping is and why it’s important
  • How dropshipping works (and how to make it work better)
  • What dropshipping costs as a business owner
  • Who this model is for (is it you?)
  • What the pros and cons of  dropshipping are
  • What you need to get started (today)


Talented ideas people, marketers and social media personalities make fantastic money doing dropshipping. There’s a science to it, but once you have cracked the code it’s a lucrative business.

Check out Start an Online Dropshipping Business in Under an Hour for more information on what you’ll need to get your dropshipping company off the ground in a few simple steps. 


Woman planning her blog

How to Actually Monetize Blogging

Serious bloggers make millions of dollars, and they use dozens of techniques to make their blogs high traffic sites. Everything from quality content, SEO and social media is used to attract, retain and convert their avid readers. 


Here’s what you need to know:

  • How to earn passive income from blogging
  • 3 essential things to know before you start (blog formula for success)
  • Investing in a WordPress blog (and why)
  • Creating helpful digital products
  • Focusing on traffic attraction and audience retention
  • Inviting sponsored content and guest posting
  • Including affiliate links and onsite advertising


Bloggers are so much more than just writers; they’re strategists, media owners and advertisers too. If you want to become a well-known subject matter expert that makes good money, this could be your next step. Are you a blog superstar waiting to happen?

Learn more when you read How to Monetize Blogging Like an Experienced Pro where you’ll discover the formula for earning money with your blog content and ideas.


Entrepreneurs thinking about which small business to start in a recession

Which Small Businesses to Start in a Recession

In this climate, recession-proofing your business is a big priority. There are some types of business that don’t just survive in a downturn, they thrive. It’s up to you to capitalize on these models and pick one that will keep you in the green this year. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Which small businesses stay open during a recession
  • Home healthcare businesses
  • Professional services business
  • Cleaning services company
  • Landscaping and gardening company
  • Dry cleaner and Laundromat
  • Childcare or daycare business
  • Hardware and supply business


It makes sense to invest in a business model that continues to grow, even during a global pandemic. If you’re looking for a safe bet, these small businesses will exceed your income expectations.

Read about 7 Small Businesses You Can Start in an Economic Recession here, for full disclosure on the best small companies to invest in when a downturn cripples the economy.  


Which Work-From-Home Franchises to Choose

Starting a business from the ground up is challenging. Working from home on top of that isn’t always the best idea. Instead, invest in a franchise with a proven work-from-home business model and only strikeout when you’ve been hired to be somewhere.  

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Why choose a home-based business franchise
  • How to choose a home franchise
  • Who are Pillar to Post Home Inspectors
  • Who is SuperGlass Windshield Repair
  • Who are Stratus Building Solutions
  • Who is the Mosquito Squad
  • Who are Property Management Inc
  • Who are Soccer Shots


Be a part of something bigger, safer and more reliable when you buy into a franchise model. These will get you through the lean days of COVID-19, and may even bring you real prosperity. 

Discover which Work-From-Home Franchises You Can Start Today, when you absorb what this information-rich article has to offer. Business doesn’t need to be original to be profitable!


Sit back with a good cup of coffee and an eye on the future with this excellent series on pivoting to online business. Your next essential start-up idea could be hidden in these guides. Comb through the detail and you’ll come out ready to tackle your next big digital business venture with confidence. 

Share this essential start-up guide to pivoting to online business with other entrepreneurs you know. Help everyone step into the world of digital e-commerce to unearth real sales opportunities. 


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