The Advantages of Using Cloud Business Services

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The digital revolution has impacted every facet of modern life, including the business landscape. Smaller businesses are able to compete against larger companies by utilizing cloud-based business systems. The cloud is a complex network that makes services available without having to purchase a litany of expensive machines to build a working infrastructure. Cloud-based business services are becoming more advanced, and professionals must understand the cloud to take advantage of its pros.

What is the Cloud

The term cloud has become more commonly used over the years, and it refers to storing information on an off-site server. For instance, you can only check your text messages from your phone, because the messages are stored on the device. However, you can check your emails from your computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device that has internet access. This is because emails are stored in the cloud, on a server somewhere. These servers can also be used to provide web hosting, which permits web designers to build websites without having to purchase a server. There are literally dozens of different cloud servers to assist a business, but some are more vital than others.

Cloud Storage and Email

These are two of the original cloud-based services, but they remain two of the most important. The email feature is more aesthetic, but it’s also essential. is more impressive than Cloud storage is also essential, because it gives a company a secondary place to store information. This is an external hard drive that can act as a disaster recovery tool when the primary hard drives are damaged or corrupted. Cloud service also offers a platform for employees to share files with each other.

Cloud BI Solutions

Business Intelligence is a necessity because financial data must be analyzed. Fortunately, cloud services like SAS help with the task of analyzing data and even making accurate predictions about future trends. Cloud BI can detect inconsistencies in data and suggest ways to correct them. Industries such as banking, education, automotive and manufacturing can all benefit from cloud-based BI. Cloud services can make it easier to analyze crucial data, and keep track of expenses as well.

Cloud Security

While all security systems rely upon analogue cameras, the footage recorded can actually be stored in the cloud. Companies like PMC Telecom offer this service which has several advantages over traditional security systems. Analogue tapes can be damaged, corrupted or even stolen by thieves who wish to conceal their identities. However, cloud-based security from PMC Telecom automatically uploads footage to the cloud where it can be accessed by any web equipped device. Even if the camera itself is stolen, images of the thief or thieves will still be available online.

Cloud Based Accounting

Expensive accounting software as one a necessity for small and large businesses, but cloud accounting is a viable alternative. Cloud-based accounting can manage general ledgers and allow business owners to access their books from virtually any device. Even traditional accounting software Quickbooks has a cloud-based service because cloud-based services represent the future. Quickbooks online allows users to track sales and expenses, create invoices and download bank transactions. The increased access to vital information makes cloud accounting worth the monthly fees, and some services even offer convenient web apps for Apple and Android.

Smaller businesses would be wise to take advantage of the available cloud services. However, larger companies have to compare the server fees as opposed to the monthly charges for using the cloud. Someone with millions to spend on an infrastructure might be better served to take that route, but most businesses benefit more from cloud-based services.

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