Should Telemarketers Say You’re Out On Vacation?

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Inbound telemarketing strategies are good if you don’t favor a direct approach that leaves you prone to frequent rejections. It lets you shift the focus away from building lists and re-targeting your campaign to creating better content tracking prospects more accurately along their buyer’s journey.

Simply put, it’s letting the customer come to you.

But what if they do but find out you or your sales rep aren’t available? For example, what if you’re still on vacation or still en-route to going back? Would it really be a bright idea to let them know exactly where you’re on holiday?

Should Telemarketers Say You’re Out On Vacation? image private jet tbiShould Telemarketers Say You’re Out On Vacation?You have a right to privacy. But in marketing, it seems to contrast with the idea that businesses are to be transparent. Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz says that a brand ‘built from the heart’ has stronger foundations. This transparency not only proves you have vision, it also humanizes your entire business. Yours might be a pioneer of credit card processing technologies. But guess what? You’re not just that. You’re based in New York and your employees are all out-and-out urbanites. They know your office is in a very tall building, much like everyone else in the Big Apple.

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly who are but the fact is, your customers will keep asking who you could then be. So if you’re wondering whether your telemarketers should tell inbound prospects you’re on vacation, the answer is: Yes.

Now for those of you who still think there is such thing as too much information, consider the following possibilities:

  • You are a thought leader and everyone looks to you – Naturally, you’re afraid of the paparazzi treatment. Among the latest issues of the Obama administration was the President’s decision to golf despite the crisis that’s been happening both internationally and domestically. Doesn’t that come with the territory though? When you’re any kind of leader, people will expect to turn to you in times of need. There’s no point in all the mystery and privacy when no solution comes out of it.
  • Customer feedback is invaluable – Whether you tell them or not, your customers want to believe that they’re not wasting their money on your company. You wouldn’t want to tell prospects about what you’re doing unless you yourself know that there’s something off about it. Their feedback is an indicator and pretending to hide from the criticism is hardly the best answer.
  • Someone else is left in charge – This can go in two ways. One way is you obviously needed someone to take charge of things while you’re away. But two, whatever complaints you’ll get when you come back could indicate that you didn’t make the best choice. Telling prospects you’re out on vacation is a much better explanation for why someone else is currently taking calls. Plus, you get to evaluate on who to entrust next should you leave behind the wrong person.

When prospects are having a bit of a crisis on their own, it doesn’t entirely help when the company they could turn to is suddenly less available. That’s why the least you can do is tell them where you are, even if it’s on a yacht near Costa Rica. It may not be a pretty picture from where you’re both standing but you’re at least closer to talking to each other and finding some answers.

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