Look Here! 13 Tips to Get More Visitors to Your Website

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Martha Spelman. Website Marketing

So you’ve got a website…now what?

Having a well-designed, content-rich, easy-to-navigate website is great. In fact, these days, it’s imperative. Done right, it’s how prospects find you, see what services you offer, perform a background check on you, find your contact information, see what your brand stands for. Frequently, it’s the deciding factor on whether or not they’ll buy from you.

But what if customers can’t find you?

All signs should point to your website — think of website marketing as extending an ongoing invitation to visit.

Use these 13 website marketing tips to drive online visitors:

1. Announce your new or updated website with a well-designed email blast to your mailing list. Make your message short and sweet, point out any important new features and ask recipients to visit. It’s the one time a pure pitch is okay to email to readers.

2. Simple SEO: Incorporate the keywords in your website content that searchers would use to find a site providing the types of products or services your company offers. Include those keywords or keyword phrases in page titles, meta descriptions and throughout the content on your page. Overkill is not rewarded; justified use of your keywords is.

3. Optimize images and videos on your site or in email promotions with descriptions that incorporate your keywords. Images should be clickable to link directly to your website homepage or to the page related to the image (i.e. a blog post or contact page).

4. Update your website content on a consistent basis to keep your site at the top of a search page. Posting blog posts is an excellent way to add new content (not to mention promote your “go-to expert” status!). Incorporating content marketing tactics like case studies, whitepapers, FAQ or “News” pages are other great vehicles to promote your site and improve search.

5. An Email Signature should appear as part of all email messages (set this up on every device you use). Your signature must include a live link to your website (and possibly another live link that directs recipients to your latest blog) as well as phone and email contact info.

6. A Call-to-Action (CTA) is there to Tell people What to do and Where to go. A CTA can encourage people to visit your site and will tell them Why they should visit your site (entice viewers by offering a helpful How-To Video, a study relative to your audience or News relevant to your industry).

7. All Social Media platforms you use (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram or Pinterest) must include a link to your site as part of your profile (remember to optimize your LinkedIn profile with the actual name of your website instead of the “Company Website” placeholder).

8. Buy Ads on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that promote your company (and add followers) or Pay-per-Click ads (PPC) on Google Adwords that direct viewers to your site.

9. Reward those that visit your website: offer free content available by signing in on your website (this is also a way to collect email addresses for future promotional uses).

10. Include your web address on all Collateral Materials including printed handouts, brochures, business cards and letterhead.

11. Making a Presentation — in person or on the web? Your web address can appear on each slide. Think of it as continuous brand reinforcement.

12. Inbound links, incorporated into your your email newsletters or guest blog posts will send readers directly to content on your website.

13. Measure your visitor’s behavior. Google Analytics (simple code embedded on each page) will tell you how much traffic you get and from where (global location and browser used), how much time people are spending (or not) on your site and what pages they visit. This feedback should direct your future website marketing.

Extend the invitation to visit your website at every opportunity — more visitors equals a greater understanding of your company offerings which in turn, can translate into more business.

More business always looks good!

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