SMBs Afraid of, But Unprepared for, Data Disaster

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Here’s a headline that’s likely to make your eyes glaze over: “Channel partners report an increase in demand for business continuity solutions.”

But wait. If you’re a business owner, here’s an attention-grabbing translation: People like you are increasingly afraid that their business will be shut down by a disaster.

The company behind that headline has a way to save you from being discontinued, of course. Carbonite relies on the cloud and other technologies to back up, recover, and archive important data for small business customers so that, even during a disaster, data remain protected, available, and useful.

It’s little wonder businesses are increasingly fearful. Attacks by terrorists and hackers, fires, floods, hurricanes, ice storms, and power outages are all real possibilities. Carbonite says more and more businesses these days are afraid that some unforeseen disruption will cause them to lose data, fall out of regulatory compliance, suffer a security breach, or lose money or productivity. Carbonite points to a 2013 study that predicted that the global “disaster recovery as a service” market would grow from $640.8 million to $5.77 billion by 2018.

Oddly, however, most small businesses aren’t doing enough, if anything, to protect themselves. Carbonite cites a 2014 survey that found that 73 percent of businesses are failing in disaster readiness and at ensuring business continuity: “Despite the looming threat of significant data and productivity loss in our increasingly digitalized business world, many organizations are not doing enough to mitigate IT-related risks and ensure consistent uptime.”

And in a new research report based on a survey of small and medium business technology professionals, Carbonite says a lack of customer education and budget concerns stands in the way of selling such preventive services.

According to Carbonite, nearly three-fourths of survey respondents said their clients ask for protection, but “a shortage of knowledge on the topic combined with the need for comprehensive, yet affordable, solutions leads to the lack of adoption.”

Carbonite VP David Maffei observes: “There is a clear disconnect between the need for business continuity solutions and SMBs making the decision to purchase them for their organizations. This research underscores the opportunity channel partners have to become strategic advisors to their clients by providing education, powerful solutions, and ongoing service and support. As technology vendors, we need to support channel partners and make sure they have the resources and tools they need to educate and empower their clients.”

And as a small business owner, you’ll need to wade through the jargon to figure out how to best protect yourself from a data-loss disaster.

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