Shopping Via Smartphone Benefits Consumers

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Shopping via smartphone is on the rise. Consumers are using their smartphones to shop smarter. They are using their phones to Shopping Via Smartphone Benefits Consumers image FirstData SmartphonesRuleShopping Via Smartphone Benefits Consumers compare prices and research products in retail stores. They are also making purchases online right from their smartphones. It is also becoming increasingly common for consumers to use social media while shopping. Producers are tapping into this through social media interaction and advertising. According to First Data, smartphones rule as shopping tools. The study found that:

  • 57% of Americans use smartphones.
  • 48% use their smartphones to compare prices.
  • 56% use social media.
  • 35% use social media while shopping.
  • 44% make purchases via smartphones.

Consumers value their time and they are increasingly using smartphones to simply their shopping experience and maximize the value they receive for the dollars they spend.

How is shopping via smartphone helpful to shoppers?

Shopping via smartphone adds value to the shopping experience for the consumer. App developers are increasingly finding ways to empower consumers to make wise purchase decisions with ease. Apps and websites allow consumers to make informed decisions. They can compare prices, check reviews and even get feedback on social media all while shopping. Consumers do not need as much time to make a decision because they can ask friends and compare what others think all before reaching the cashier. Some stores even offer the ability to purchase items online and pick them up in the store. Consumers are using this route to bypass lines and sales people in retail stores.

Mobile wallets are also fast becoming a way to streamline the shopping process. Currently, mobile wallet usage is considerably low, but consumers are attracted to the ease of use and a way to personalize their shopping experience. Advertisers will offer more than ads, but will offer a personal experience including coupons, offers and purchase suggestions based on your profile and needs.

Making sure that you have a secure shopping via smartphone experience

Security is one of the highest concerns when shopping via smartphone. Don’t be afraid to reap the benefits and convenience for fear of internet safety and security. As with any smartphone use, it is important to protect yourself online. Educate yourself about smartphone use and protect yourself from problems like hacking and identify theft. You can keep your information safe by following these tips:

  • Use verified websites – Check the URL for an icon. Most browsers include a color-change on the left side of the location bar to indicate that the site has been verified as legitimate. It is also a good idea to go to the site directly and not through a third party link.
  • Check for https – Https is a secure version of http. Some webrowsers will display a lock in the address bar if the site is secure. Https means your information is encrypted and the site is secure.
  • Install antivirus software – Many people secure their home computers, but forget that a smartphone is also a computer. Be sure to Protect Your Device Against Mobile App Malware.

As a consumer, it is important to be empowered and safe when making a purchase. Shopping via smartphone is becoming increasingly common and consumers must be aware of the pitfalls as well as the benefits.


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