Resources for market research, customer research and competitive research

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This set of resources is intended to accompany our articles on Customer and Market Research and pricing your products and services effectively. These links and articles all provide sound and solid information on doing your research effectively or provide great information on what you should be looking for. (online survey tool) (online survey tool) (census and demographic data broken down by zip code) (Canadian site providing benchmark financial data for LOTS of industries and business areas) (the basics of market research) (doing market research on a tight budget) (defining your target market as part of your business plan) (do market research to ensure success) (identifying your target customer) (great slideshow from NY Public Library with solid information on how to do research) (how to research your market) (how to price your products) (Nolo guide to how to define your target market) (how to price your businesses products and services)

Part seven of a series– The Yahoo Smart and Simple Guide to Starting a Business.