New Cyber Threat Detection Tool Made Open Source

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cyber security, open source innovationRecently, Lockheed Martin open sourced its in-house cyber threat detection tool. The platform, called Laika BOSS, will soon be accessible to the open source community at large. This advanced malware detection tool has shown such powerful performance at Lockheed that the defense company knew it had the potential to benefit many other businesses. After successfully rolling it out to external customers, the company decided to make it openly available to the security community as an effective weapon against cybercrime.

As cyber threats increase exponentially, putting nearly every company at risk, this open source tool will give developers and businesses that focus on security a resource which they can leverage to improve overall security. Every company is at risk for a security breach, and this open source tool provided by Lockheed will enable developers and security professionals alike to add another effective resource to their arsenal. Strengthening their cybersecurity measures, as well as allowing them to modify the tool to fit the individual needs of their businesses.

Laika BOSS, unlike other malware detection programs, can look at all the different elements of a piece of data in order to break it down and search for malware infection. For example, the tool can assess the text of an email, its attachments, and the different parts of the attachments themselves, analyzing each at the atomic level rather than as a big block of data. This makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to hide malicious software and makes it more likely that malware will be discovered before it harms the network.

Lockheed’s move points to the power of open source, particularly when it comes to big overreaching issues such as cybersecurity. Rather than Lockheed keeping their tool as internal proprietary software and requiring others to license or purchase it, they recognized the potential their innovation holds for the greater good. This represents a huge step for both the open source and cybersecurity communities.

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