Press Release Writing Since Google Penguin 2.0

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Press Release Writing Since Google Penguin 2.0 image press release writingPress Release Writing Since Google Penguin 2.0
Google’s ever-changing algorithms
always seem to spread panic among marketers and business owners who would do everything in their power to ensure superior rankings for their webpages. Panda, the much-feared, incredibly effective update launched by Google to penalize websites promoting worthless, duplicated content, compelled company owners to identify and implement a suitable content strategy. On the other hand, the Penguin update followed a different approach, slamming bad linking practices and implicitly affecting millions of online businesses relying on dirty spamming tricks to increase website traffic. In other words, Google’s Penguin has made it its mission

a)    to identify and penalize websites resorting to a wide range of black hat SEO practices and

b)    to reward sites distributing first-class, original, relevant Web content.

All in all, who is afraid of the fierce penguin? Obviously, online businesses benefitting from white hat SEO practices and excellent Web content (press release writing, landing pages, blog posts) have nothing to worry about. Long story short, the Penguin updates have impacted the popularity and profitability of millions of webpages relying on

1)    links to dubious, low-quality websites;

2)    unorthodox paid link placement strategies; and

3)    bad neighborhoods, link exchange practices, and similar tactics employed with the main goal of manipulating page rankings.

In a few words, Penguin 2.0 was implemented to cut the root of all link spam evil in a much more effective manner. Want to rest at ease, knowing that your online business won’t be affected by Google’s most recent algorithm update? Here’s what you should do.

1)    Perform a link audit to be able to evaluate your current situation in an objective manner.

2)    Count on white hat, Google-friendly, natural link-building strategies. Google now analyzes and ranks websites based on link relevancy, a highly important selection criterion. Effective PR strategies represent one of the safest link-building strategies appreciated by the much-feared Penguin. Verified PR tactics enable you to create relevant connections and profit from excellent link-building opportunities. In this content, naturally optimized press release writing should be considered a priceless asset, allowing website owners to get premium, relevant backlinks.

How can a press release writing service help me grow my online business?
Numerous people have been asking themselves this question, especially after Google’s Penguin 2.0 impacted the profit margins of countless online businesses relying on shady link-building strategies to enhance their online presence. The answer is quite simple: a well-written press release offers you more benefits than a blog post, simply because it can be filtered by numerous media channels in record time and it usually profits from extended coverage. All of this on one condition: You have to invest in high-quality press release writing. What do premium press releases have in common?

-       Original, accurate, pertinent, informative content

-       Appealing, properly optimized, attention-grabbing headlines

-       A standard structure and several key elements (contact info, boilerplate, and so on)

-       A simple, concise writing style

-       The ability to put your newly launched products and services under the spotlight and create much-needed buzz around your brand, without sounding like a predictable, manipulative sales pitch

Do you think that your new accomplishments separating you from your main competitors deserve a little more exposure? Are you in desperate need of quality Web content based on Penguin-friendly, 100% beneficial link-building strategies? In this case, take the easy way out and count on professional press release writing services, bringing you closer to your business goals.

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