Positive Mental Attitude: A Business Rockstars Minute

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The biggest challenge for a new business owner or entrepreneur is handling the never ending stream of problems and issues that must be addressed to stay on course. But dealing with that flow of problems leads to a personal problem for many prospective entrepreneurs: remaining positive in the face of so much struggle. But Ken Rutkoski argues in this Business Rockstars Minute that it is exactly that, remaining positive, that is the key factor to success. Take a look to find out why and more importantly, how.

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This is one in a continuing series of Business Rockstars Minute videos presented by Ken Rutkowski. They cover a range of small business topics, especially for entrepreneurs, and give you a real quick start on the topic and are a great point for jumping off. As well as a few suggestions for diving into the topic more deeply. We recommend that you check out their daily live shows over at Business Rockstars as well.

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