Massage and Redirect Business Aches into New Revenue Streams

3 min read · 6 years ago


shutterstock_243890188Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs find themselves alone with thoughts of quitting when initial trials continually turn out to be errors. Depression sets in while the thought of quitting the endeavor magnifies to appear as the only option. But we all know that options are infinite.

The next choice is what truly matters. When these down days hit, it will be smart to consider:

  • What you know to be true
  • All of your options
  • Creating new ideas that may have an improved chance of succeeding.


Rather than feel sorry for yourself, think about how others overcome instability. Invariably injuries arise without warning both personally and professionally. Athletes enjoy the benefit of having coaches trained to motivate them getting past a major hurdle. Physical therapists encourage those surviving major trauma to surpass and overcome.


Working sore spots with pressure and exercising to keep all parts moving in unison does wonders to heal injuries. The same is true of all parts of one’s business development plan. Continue to review each piece and be certain your entire system works complementary and in unison for the best possible result.


Given the scenarios above, what can you do to gain balance and improve your game? By listing out your ideas and recognizing the one or two that appeal to you most, put your attention to those. Start contemplating where that road might lead to and the milestones needed to get there.

There is something to be said for a plan as it increases the motivation to once again get up and going. Discuss the new vision with peers and good friends. Those with whom you normally confide just may have added insight for you to implement. As this occurs, motivation picks up rapidly.


Most likely, you will not know how to implement everything on your own. The question becomes whether you wish to educate yourself on all of it, or on some of it, and hire out the rest of the help. The other choice is to solicit help from a class or a private coach to get the inside scoop in order to do it correctly yourself the first time around.


Just as with the athletes and patients working with therapists, practice will get you to goal. Some days are more painful than others. But by acknowledging the need to practice and continuing to persevere, you will get back onto the right track down the path you once held in a daydream. As time moves forward, the steps became easier.


Take time to consider complementary services to provide a more robust offering. Today’s technology helps to make the possibilities seem infinite.

The key to leverage is to adapt the venues that most appeal to you. This is what will maintain the motivation to stay on top of advances and produce an outcome to the best of your ability. And when you are able to conquer this there will be no stopping you.

By following these guidelines, one of the more favorable outcomes is that you will have established expert status and a well-recognized personal brand that is viewed as unstoppable. You then enjoy the Smooth Sale!