7 Freelancers That Can Benefit Any Business

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The less money a business is required to spend, the more it benefits, which is why freelancers are such handy commodities. Any business can benefit from a team of freelancers hired to work on the projects it can’t afford to do in-house. If you’re looking for a way to cut extraneous business expenses, here are a few types of freelancers worth considering:

1. Writers

Every organization needs writers, whether for blogging or for technical writing and editing. They can write legal documents, contracts, blog posts, brochures, editorial content, and more.

When words are published with a company name attached to it, it says something about the company, and a high quality writer can keep you out of legal trouble and help you avoid a sullied reputation. You likely won’t have enough work to house a writer full time, so hiring a freelance writer every now and then should do the trick. Look for qualified writers on networks such as ProBlogger.net.

2. Computer and IT Professionals

Not every business can afford to hire a full-blown IT department, but most businesses can handle the expense of hiring an IT freelancer. A computer contractor can do miracles with your technology, from fixing software issues to building an entirely new operating system.

If your company relies on technology, only accept IT professionals with the best resume and experience. When you’re looking for top-notch IT freelancers, check out Spiceworks, where more than 6 million IT pros congregate to discuss computer and technology issues. It’s also a great place to find free software tools, such as Help Desk Software, a useful tool for managing IT issues.

When you have a high-quality IT pro and the right tools on retainer, you can breathe a little easier knowing that your company is secure.

3. Project Managers

Sometimes the most important projects need a little help to improve their efficiencies, which is where project managers come in. Project managers help your company develop goals, budgets, and schedules in order to complete major projects economically.

These freelancers range from project managers who will help improve workflow, to brand managers who can assist with marketing projects. There are also systems consultants who can work with you on your online and technology projects.

4. Web and Software Developers

Your website is one of the most important components of your business today. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one, make sure it stays updated. Web and software developers who specialize in designing and maintaining websites, apps, and other programs can perform both of these tasks.

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Web designers focus on designing websites from the start, software engineers work on software updates and developments, and flash developers specialize in coding and troubleshooting. Many freelancers in this field will specialize in all three or more talents, which can be very handy when you get three talents for the price of one. Screen these employees very carefully, since much hinges on the usability and design of your website.

5. Researchers

In most businesses, data and market research proves invaluable to current processes. However, doing research can be extremely time consuming for your in-house employees who should be directing their attentions to implementing the data rather than finding it.

That’s where researchers come in. They specialize in gathering data and performing basic research that has the power to revolutionize your business. You might look into hiring field investigators, who conduct research through interviews; contract recruiters, who help you to find great employees; or forecasting analysts, who analyze your business dealings and find patterns to recommend improvements.

6. Account Managers

Businesses that deal with numerous client accounts will benefit from hiring an account manager who focuses on facilitating company-client interactions, keeping the client on budget, and working to accomplish goals for both parties. The account manager is basically an advocate for the client, which is a very attractive advertising tool.

The most common type of account managers are customer service representatives, who work with the client directly to solve issues and assist them. There are also freelance brand managers and new business specialists, who focus on improving the user experience through marketing techniques.

7. Marketers

In-house marketing is expensive, but a freelance marketer can help you accomplish much of your marketing goals without the excessive cost. Their job is to work with and observe clients and customers to improve the user experience and deliver helpful feedback to improve business strategies.

There are several types of marketers who focus on different things. If you need help specifically with your advertising, look for a marketing specialist; if you need help with your product management, look specifically for a marketing assistant. Websites such as Guru are extremely useful for finding freelancers in the marketing department.

Be sure to carefully navigate the hiring process if you want freelancers that you can trust to do a great job every time. The right freelancers can revolutionize the way you do business without unnecessary expense.

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