The Only Three Words You Need to Know

3 min read · 6 years ago


shutterstock_222847918Imagine you had the perfect response to a pesky question right at the tip of your tongue.

For example, when someone asks if you think you can start a business, run a marathon or win a lucrative contract?

When a pesky question like this is made of you here are 3 simple words to put that questioners mind at ease.

The Three Words are: Apparently, I can!

The Three Most Important Words

It may seem unlikely that three simple words are all you need. But, let me explain.

I recently went to an event where author and speaker Jon Acuff covered a lot of topics from his book “Do Over” and these three words caught my attention. He covered much more in the 20 minutes or so that he was on stage, but these three words really resonated and got me thinking.

The Three Words are: Apparently, I can!

Why Just Three Words?

There is a little bit of magic in the these three words. Because they can be spoken (or written) after almost any “you think you can” question. Especially when the question is thrown at you in an incredulous manner. In these cases these three (magical) words can be stated very matter of factly or somewhat fancifully and should always be delivered with a wry smile.

The Three Words are: Apparently, I can!

Putting The Three Words to Use

If someone asks you a question that may be a bit rhetorical or even perhaps a bit condescending you can reply with these three simple words.

For example, if someone asks:

  • You think you can start a business?
  • You think you can ship that product this year?
  • You think you can run a marathon in under 4 hours?

Of course, your response is … Apparently, I can!