10 Invaluable Tools for Running a Small Business

5 minute read

Secret Weapon #5: Google Hangouts on Air (HOA)

“I discovered Google Hangouts on Air (often shortened to HOAs) last year and it’s difficult for me to summarize in one paragraph how much value they have brought to my business. Let’s just say: enormous value! Google Hangouts on Air can be compared to your own private TV show where you broadcast your webcam to the world but can also invite up to 9 other guests to your show. They can be used in literally any business: I’ve seen successful shows from culinary chefs, real estate agents, violin artists, social media specialists, and even homeschooling experts. If you’d like to find out more about HOAs and how to get started, you might find value reading this post that reviews a private community called ‘The Hangout Mastery,’ where I learned the ‘skills of the trade’”Sarah Santacroce, Founder, Simplicity – Simple Small Business Advice

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