Caution: Car Wrecks and Human Wrecks

2 min read · 6 years ago


shutterstock_135020618When you drive you may be the one who stays at the speed limit at all times, stops at stop signs and red lights, remains in your lane, and signals well before changing lanes. Even though you are doing everything right, someone in another vehicle rams through the stop light at break neck speed, blind sides you and causes a car wreck.

In life there are “human traffic accidents” too. You can obey all the rules, do good deeds unto others, maintain self-confidence, give respect to others and someone rams through all your good behavior and blind sides you with a human wreck.

You can not avoid some accidents — car or human. You can only try to minimize them. Be cautious; work with awareness so as to anticipate and react more quickly. Hopefully you won’t be too damaged and suffer a lot of pain.

In the car it’s physical pain; in human wrecks it’s emotional. Both are tragic.

My prayer and wish for you is that you don’t have too many of either. That you recover quickly. And that you are not the cause of the car or the human wreck.