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writing content 2015Over the years I have written a number of content articles on this blog site as well as our company blog site.

The one key ingredient I have found is that if you are going to share great content and actually have an opinion, (most people write without any opinion) you will find people who disagree with you from time to time. This is actually a good sign. If everyone agreed all the time with the content you wrote, your content would frankly not be very good content at all.

The best writers are those people who write with:

  • Passion
  • Have an Opinion
  • May write content that people question
  • Are not afraid to write on topics that others are afraid to

The trick is to maintain a high level of patience and integrity everyday.

I’ve seen a number of great writers lose it quickly by falling victim to someone’s stupid comments. I’ve even come close to sending some not-so-nice comments too.

If you ever find yourself being attacked personally, you have many options. First and foremost, don’t retaliate in a vicious manner. You will never win this battle and ultimately could lose a lot more. You can ignore the person’s comments. If you chose this method, monitor the future comments closely. You may have to delete your article if things get too out of hand.

Finally, the best method – Disable comments all together on your personal blog site. I did this a few years ago. I found that people are more likely to attack you on a personal level. Post your blog article on Linkedin. When your information is on a professional platform like Linkedin, you will find that people are careful about how the information they share on this platform and the beauty is if you have a good following, many people will come to your defense if the comments are too extreme.

If you want to be a great writer, start today by doing the following:

  • Have an opinion on something
  • Write on topics no one else is writing on
  • Write from your own experiences – People who always share other people’s information are just like all the rest.
  • Welcome comments of all kinds and carefully think through your responses
  • Back away from your computer if the tone of your article is very negative. Stop writing and start over

Today, more quality authors are needed to share specific experiences on all types of topics. Find something you are passionate about and start writing. If you are not a good writer, no worries – content from the hear will eventually resonate and you, as a writer will get better with more practice.

I want to take a minute and thank all the great writers out there who are willing to share their opinions from their heart and actually set the bar high for the rest of us. Great writing is a rarity these days because it takes a lot of work and these people need to be appreciated more.

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