The Only Marketing Method That Works

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The Only Marketing Method That Works image Website Under Construction Nuclear Chowder MarketingThe Only Marketing Method That Works

When I first launched the Nuclear Chowder Marketing website, I had a couple of very specific goals. First, I wanted to demonstrate that money loves speed. The second was to test some new and popular marketing strategies. I will explain both of these goals in a moment.

But first, the reason this turned into podcast episode #43 is because I was talking with regular guest Dino Dogan. We were discussing another agency website I was looking at. The conversation moved quickly into the re-branding of my website which was something I had always planned on. A few minutes into our discussion we both realized it would make an excellent podcast.

So on this podcast Dino rips me and my website “a new one” for all to see. He tells me what is wrong with my site and how it should be fixed.

Money loves speed

I love this statement. Coined by a long time friend of mine, I use it often.

What this means is that procrastination due to a desire for perfection is the enemy of action. And action is what breeds results.

Most people are so hung up on wanting to make whatever they are doing – a website, a blog post, a marketing piece – perfect that they never launch anything. Or it takes 10 times as long.

So when I launched my website I planned to practice what I preach. I launched it before the web design was finished.

In fact, if you go back to the first few blog posts you will see how bad things were. I even have broken images that no longer show up. Not to mention that reading and watching myself in those early days as I was trying to find my voice is embarrassing.

But the fact is you have to start. And the content is still professional. I am completely fine with not being perfect if it means moving things along.

Testing marketing trends

Let me start by telling you how much I detest and also love these buzzword marketing trends. This is where you take a new thing that is trending and slap “marketing” on the end of it to make a new word. If you’re lucky, the word has momentum and people start using it. Even better it creates a brand new method that you can become the guru of.

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Influence Marketing
  • Blah, Blah, Blah Marketing

I love them because as a method they do have meaning. Every business should be doing social media marketing. Every business should be doing content marketing. Etc.

Plus, lets face it, a buzzword gets attention. It draws a crowd. And as a marketer you use these things to your advantage. Embrace marketing.

The big ugly problem with it

Where the problem starts is when experts teach people to throw the old methods of marketing out the window. Or worse, not to market at all because this new method will do it all for you without you doing something ugly like selling. So what happens over time is that people forget about the most important word in the method: Marketing.

Marketing = selling. Anyone who tells you different doesn’t know what marketing is.

If you’re a business you sell stuff. If you’re a charity you sell stuff. If you’re a brand, politician, musician, you sell stuff. I hate these methods that make it sound like you don’t have to sell. Just setup a Facebook page and all your wildest dreams will come true.

These new words become rallying cries of anti-marketing fans everywhere. People look down their nose at marketing methods of yesterday as if you’re some kind of crazy old fool for using them.

“Outa my way Grandpa! I’m coming through with hot new marketing that works better than what you’re doing.”

My new buzzword

Some of these marketing methods became a kind of un-marketing method. You create content and never sell. Facebook is only for pictures of kittens. God forbid you should sell. Pointing their fingers at those old fashioned fools asking someone to buy something.

I invented my own brand new buzzword. I think it has legs. “Just Marketing”.

As in, it’s all JUST marketing. As in you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Marketing is marketing. It’s been working for hundreds of years.

Slapping a new word in front of it that signifies some mammoth shift in the way things are done can be dangerous. Lest we forget we still need to sell something at the end of the day.

Why most new marketing methods fail you

I decided I’d prove that these methods don’t work without well planned, well thought out marketing strategies. Pure content without the marketing doesn’t work. Social media without the marketing doesn’t work.

Through the year I have experimented quite a bit with different “buzzword” methods of marketing. I have always used myself as a testing ground so I can bring what I learn to my audience.

Those who fail at social marketing, Facebook marketing, content marketing, etc fail because they forget about or get wildly wrong the most important part of the equation: marketing. They don’t sell.

The best way to leverage all the new and ever changing tools we have at our fingertips is to learn good old fashioned marketing methods. Ones that worked when our grandparents were kids and that still work today and will work 50 years from now.

I’ll be sharing more tactics and techniques on my new buzzword in future posts and podcasts. I plan to bring a little common sense back into the world.

Off my soap box

So those were my two goals when I set out. Now it is time to re-brand my website. On this podcast episode, you will get to see it happen live and without a net.

The last word

The floor is yours. Have you tried any of these buzzword marketing strategies with disappointing results? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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